October 24, 2009

Three Little Letters

I took monogramming for granted during my first 18 years of existence. Of course I put one on everything. Why? Because my mother did it first and that was just how things operated in Montgomery. Then I moved to college where I met my big-city-of-Dallas hipster roommate, who (I'm convinced) still thinks it is slightly ostentatious that I slap my three favorite letters on anything that sits still for a moment.

But I have no shame. And when I stumbled across these adorable Dabney Lee decals, I flipped. They are classic, but stand out in the monogram-decal alphabet soup around the South.

Photo courtesy of Dabney Lee.

Pick of the Patch

A view of our porch--The Alpha Delta Pi house

Today at the Birmingham Art Museum, it was the Spooktacular family throw-down. I (as usual) was in my own world as I wandered the hallowed halls taking notes for my upcoming art history paper on 20th century modern art. But it didn't detract me from noticing a hundred little costumed children and pumpkins galore... One week 'til Halloween: What are you going to go as?

Also, ModCloth is having a pumpkin carving contest via Facebook. All entries elicit a $5 donation from ModCloth to your animal charity of choice. So have a heart and trick out that pumpkin in the spirit of the gourds pictured below. Then peruse ModCloth for some costume inspiration...

Photos courtesy of TheDeuxLuxe.com

October 22, 2009

Darling or Daring?

Photo courtesy of StyleFrizz.com
Flipping through my November Elle, a certain ad grabbed my attention.  Lacoste's new limited edition design by Brazilian duo Fernando And Humberto Campana is the fourth holiday collection spun out from the classic company. The uber-exclusive line only boasts 20,000 pieces, but I'm a tad torn. Part of me  is envisioning a perfect new shirt for class (men's size, lassoed with my J. Crew gold skinny belt over skinny Hudsons) and the other half can't shake the creepy, march-of-the-ants vibe I feel.


October 21, 2009

The Girl Gets It Right

I follow her on Twitter. I ripped out a magazine photo her Louis Vuitton fashion week ensemble. I have bought a lot of headbands since September 2007. (Let's be honest, her character Blair Waldorf is single handedly responsible for skyrocketing Jennifer Ouellette's line.) So I was a pretty happy girl when this email popped in my inbox this morning...

Whether she's crowned in a power headband or wearing scads of oversized pearls, Leighton Meester's primetime alter ego—Gossip Girl's peerless Blair Waldorf—is adored for her prep-princess look. But while Meester is well known (and rightfully worshiped) for her screen-stealing character's fantastic outfits, frankly, the actress's personal style is much more intriguing. Though she works her character's amped-up UES look very well, in real life, Meester consistently demonstrates her ability to execute edgier ensembles with sophisticated flair. In fact, Meester manages to dance upon the fine line between directional and disappointingly trendy—a very difficult balancing act, indeed—without ever veering into fashion-victim territory. Plus, and perhaps most of all, we appreciate the way she consistently supports emerging talent, opting for designers like Christian Cota, Christopher Kane, and Emilio De La Morena for her red-carpet moments.


Weagle, weagle, war eagle....

October 20, 2009

November Issue of Southern Living

So I may be tucked behind the collegiate pearly gates of Samford University, but I've got my sources. Okay, so honestly I just visited the Southern Living offices yesterday because I missed my fellow intern Katie. Anyway, she tossed a hot-off-the-press November issue my way and it's beautiful! And was far more interesting to thumb through than my Mass Media Law notes.

With the SL redesign in it's second full-issue form, there is plenty to look forward to this month:

1. Following the October launch is another instillation of Made by Southern Hands: 8 items that are southern born-and-bred. Big surprise, I fell for the Leontine Linens monogram.
2. Annette's story on Seagrove Pottery from North Carolina. I unpacked the pieces we used to shoot in the studio: velvety soft and stunning.
3. I. Love. Architecture. LOVE it. Blame it on having a building contractor father and artistic mother. Jen Cole's story about Montpelier's restoration was drool-worthy.
4. Gawk over a most attractive 29-year-old Kasey Kahne (NASCAR driver) and read about his Charlotte picks. (I've been reading SL since elementary school. The male-gawking thing was an SL first for me. Helloooo, Mr. Kahne...)
5. The 2 centerpiece ideas that I'll be adopting on pages 12 and 53. Perusing Greatstuffbypaul.com for containers is a fab idea by SL.
6. Dear SL Homes Department, I'm feeling a Domino vibe. Thanks for filling the void. Love, Me
7. I'm looking for my inhaler because I stopped breathing. An 1852 Georgia farmhouse spread is pretty darn close to what I want my house to look like. This will be promptly ripped and put in my Clips I Can't Ever Lose binder.
8. Annette's gorgeous Everglades well that finished up marvelously!
9. A Holiday Dinners guide. The sorority kitchen may soon be in use.
10. A Carolina Livings story about Lexington's Red Bird Brand Peppermint company written by a certain intern. Shameless, shameless. Indeed I have no shame.

Have you gotten your glossy November copy yet?
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