September 28, 2011

I have something else to say.


Well, two things. Thing 1: I'm sorry I've been gone. Like anything in my life, I cannot breathe/live/move without Him, and right now, God and I are holding off on the put-your-life-on-the-internet thing. He said so. So, still shell-shocked by the move, I'm not blogging for a bit longer. The God-notion, coupled with the fact I've realized I'd make the worst famous person ever because I freak. out. when I get recognized or called "Miss Magnolia" (Really? That is not my name, people.) by a stranger. STRANGER DANGER--Ahh! that can't be good in the 9th largest city in America.

But here's the second.

And it's been a long time coming. And I may get railed over this. But, welp, it's not like that's ever stopped me.

I think that by discounting faith as our foundation, fraternities and sororities are neglecting not only our heritage but the ability of God to showcase His Gospel of love through us.

It drives me crazy every day at work. And it drives me crazy in general. Look at your Creed: You're either Christian in formation, or maybe Jewish. Yeah whatever--I dunno everyone's Creed. Believe or not ADPi's the only one I have framed. But ours bears the following line:

"...exemplifying the highest ideals of Christian womanhood."
We were founded at a Methodist college.
By Christian women (many PK's [preachers' kids]).
At the first college to grant degrees to women in the world.
Because they put a premium on the Biblical truth of equality between men and women.

So it matters. The faith component.
It mattered to Alpha Delta Pi back then.
It should today.

I think as international/national fraternities and sororities, we could be a force. Why aren't we responding to James 1:27? Why aren't we caring for orphans as a unit? Why aren't we loving the poor? Why are we, WOMENS' ORGANIZATIONS, not grasping on to the fact that our sisters are being abused and lied to as slaves and trafficked in some nations (even our own)? Why aren't we helping them??? I'm so thrilled we busy ourselves with leadership institute syllabi, and I'm not discounting the millions we raise for charity. But why aren't we really abiding by what our Creeds, our GOD, demands of us?

Why? Because we're being "politically correct." We're being "inclusive of other peoples' thoughts and feelings." "Ashlyn, times have changed since 1851," someone told me when I brought this up. Ya think? For the same reason you shouldn't get this former poli sci minor going on Constitutionality and our nations founders, don't get me going on this. Like our nation, we too have strayed, fellow Greeks. We've strayed because we instead decided to deign to culture and political correctness.

I mean, our founders never declared they were planting the church of [insert Greek letters here], but they did say the organization was going to back itself with a certain faith. A certain code of morality. A certain Love.

And to be frank, I think we should probably work on this.

Imagine what this generation could achieve.
Imagine how Love could be spread.
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