February 27, 2010

Just give me a beat.

Drew + Ellie photo courtesy of MySpace.
The past 2 nights, I've danced to 4 different bands. 

Saturday morning: Not sure how I feel; I can't stand for long periods of time because of my jelly legs. On the other hand, my legs have potential to look awesome for SB'10. Jury's still out.

2.25.2010 - Drew and Ellie Holcomb at Harry's Coffeehouse
2.25.2010 - The Kicks at WorkPlay
2.25.2010 - Hightide Blues at WorkPlay
2.26.2010 - 17th Floor at Zydeco

In honor of la musica, here is what I lately can't stop downloading (Just iTunes, support the music), YouTubing, and singing in a hairbrush in front of my mirror.
  1. Fire and Dynamite :: Drew Holcomb {The ultimate "you're hot and awesome can I please get to know you" song.}
  2. Better Love :: Drew Holcomb {At the concert he said, "If I could only write one more song the rest of my life, this would be it."}
  3. 4:15 :: Hightide Blues {I may or may not be guilty of wearing black dresses to their concerts for this line: "Hey pretty girl with the black dress on, you love to dance I see it in your eyes." Yeah. I'm cool. I'm also the girl who's mother put her on a little black dress purchasing freeze for owning too many.}
  4. Pursuit of Happiness :: Kid Cudi {Smooth. Perfect. Now if only I were cool enough to learn all the words...}
  5. We'll Be the Light :: The Dirty Guv'nahs {Gimme a good frat-band and I'm a happy girl. These Tennessee boys do the trick.}
  6. Emmalyn :: Out of Order {"Girl I miss your emerald eyes and the way you touch the sky. I think I just might pack my bags tonight." Okay by me.}
  7. Let It Ride :: Ryan Adams {We've been together since highschool, Ryan. You da best.}
  8. Mockingbirdsing :: Ryan Adams
  9. Funeral Dress :: William Fitzsimmons {I. Just. FOUND. THIS??}
  10. Carry Out :: Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake
  11. I Can Transform Ya :: Chris Brown
  12. Without You Here :: Eric Church {So I continue to acquire this album one song at a time. You'd think I'd catch on and buy the whole album. But now I'm rather attached to my organic approach.}
  13. Young and Wild :: Eric Church
  14. If It's Love :: Train {A little O.A.R. sounding, huh Sloan?}
  15. Red Light :: David Nail {I'm still scratchin' my head as to how he made a break-up song so pretty/catchy.}
  16. Whadsyaname :: Nelly {My question for you, Nelly: Whereyabeenboii?}
  17. Guitar and Tambourine :: Stephen Kellogg
  18. Live Like We're Dying :: Kris Allen {I've said it before and I'll say it again. There should be a website where you can make a mashup of songs, a la Glee. I would mash up this song and The Script's Breakeven. And it would be a trifecta of goodness. Except that "tri" means three...never mind.}

February 23, 2010

The Sooner We Fall In Love

Because the pages in my Lilly planner are all blank from after May 17...
(Lie: I wrote in birthdays, some weddings, and drew a Christmas tree on Dec. 25)
Because that was really actually thrilling until it became petrifying...
Because despite all this, the Lord shows me that persevering in His hope and falling deeper in love with Him is what he wants for me more than he wants those pages full...
This is how I feel today.

And rather than conquer the silly little life I've ironed and laid out on my bed so neatly for myself, I'd rather live this life with radical faith in the Creator of Everything. 

'Cause, come on, isn't everything a little better when it's shaken up?

p.s. True Life: My journal looks like this. My notes from class look like a first grade teacher's. Even I am confused as to why.

February 22, 2010

From Bridesmaid to Everyday Outfit

Below is an excerpt from my latest article for MyScoop. Head to MyScoop to read more!
Disclaimer: Yep, that's me and bestie Sloan modelin'. Cue Kanye's "Lights Flashing," or at least LIVE 100.5, which made good background music as Jeana Lee styled us. And Tyra don't lie--hours of dressing/undressing/cracking up/posing/smiling was so exhausting that we had a feast of Taziki's afterward.

We've all heard it from the lips of the bride before, "You can wear your dress again." Well, this time it is true, and with the help of Bella Bridesmaid we have created looks with bridesmaid dresses for daytime, office, and evening. At Bella Bridesmaid, owner and stylist Jeana Lee Fleming sees hundreds of frocks fly out her door. With ingenuity and a purse of her lips, she can also transform the current brigade of bridesmaid favorites into effortless spring looks.

Read these tips and start with what you've got in your closet--you may just surprise yourself. 

Dust off your: Bilowy chiffon pastel dress--long is good! Now grab: A leather belt, cowgirl boots, and feathered headband
Jason Wu and Fendi flaunted soft, buttery frills down the runway for Spring 2010. Take you girliest bridesmaid frock and trade one Southern accessory for another: pull of the pearls and pull on some cowgirl boots (gladiator sandals also do the trick). Nip the dress with an earth-toned belt, and the look effortlessly transforms from china doll to music festival darling. 

Dust off your: Black, silver, or grey dressy frock Now grab: Most of your accessory wardrobe--a shrunken blazer, tights, skinny belt, statement necklace, sky-high booties, and headband. Stick with metallics. Trust me.
Let's be honest. We've all been distracted from the Gossip Girl plot by scene stealing culprits (besides Nate and Chuck). Blair and Serena, as long as you're on air, we'll take notes from your style. Take a cue from GG and the silver and chrome that dazzled on the spring runways--the right dose of accessories and you'll have just enough flash to turn heads tonight.

Dust off your: Knee-length chiffon dress Now grab: A sea-colored necklace
In a bright dress that would make
Lilly Pulitzer nod approvingly, toss on a strand of turquoise beads. Since Pantone named the hue "color of the year," it's been posted on numerous design inspiration boards. Reach for the bib necklace or loop a long strand around your tan neck for a seaside look--that chiffon should dry pretty fast after playing in the waves.

Continue reading...

February 21, 2010

Mad World: Step Sing 2010

ADPi family: Emily, Lindsay, and me. Photo courtesy of Em.

I'm back. I'm back. I'm back!

My face is wiped clean of the black bandit mask that's been keeping my perifial vision on it's toes (WHAT'S THAT!? Relax. Just some black paint that smudged, not a bug). Schoolwork shall no longer suffer as I'm donezo sneaking art history notes on Egyptian New Kingdom limestone reliefs into in Samford University's Wright Center. I can kiss free daily sugar hand-outs of Krispy Kreme, Air Heads, and Fruity Snacks adios. And I can strain my little vocal chords all I want for Lindsay Vonn. If I'm back, that means one thing: Samford Step Sing's 2010 season has taken its final bow.

You may have your SEC football. 
At Samford, we have Step Sing. 
Don't be j.

Not to be compared to your local neighborhood Greek Sing, this is how we do it behind the pearly gates of Samford. We all have signature moves, a raked stage with a painter's tape grid, and 40 hours of practice under our sequined belts. This is the stuff of champions:

Pi Kappa Phi, Sweepstakes Winner 2009

Yeah. Now you see why it kept me running back and forth (soccer team) for a month. 

This year the victory rests with Dudes-a-Plenty, but ehhh... I'll keep my lips buttoned about my opinion on that one. But I've gotta let you in on this post from my Alpha Delt sistah/fellow journalism major Brittany over at "Insert Witty Title." Hysterical, BT...

"I want to tell you a story. It's about 70-ish girls who get together for three hours a night during the month of February to sing and move around on a grid made of painter's tape. We'll call this story, "Step Sing." There are five types of girls in this tale:

1) The girls that like to correct others, especially the directors. "Uhhhhh.... WAIT! Yesterday you told us to have our right arm at a 45 degree angle. You clearly just had your hand at a 47 degree angle. I meeeean.... like.... which one do you want us to do?!"

2) The shushers. You can't miss these women. Their attempt to make everyone be quiet is usually pretty useless, because their "SHHHHHHHH"-ing is far louder--and more annoying-- than any amount of chatter.

3) The touchy-feelies. Watch out for these girls. They're sneaky. One minute you'll be having a conversation about The Bachelor, and the next minute you'll be sucked into scratching their back or braiding their hair. Not sure how, but it always happens. Best way to avoid being conned? Three words: "I have leprosy." Works every time.

4) The enthusiastic girls. These girls are the ones who actually dress up for "spirit days," whether it be hoodlum attire, their high school cheerleading uniform, or straight-up goth wear. While it may sometimes be distracting to have your neighbor's long gangster chain hit you in the face during dance moves, these girls make practices a lot more entertaining.

5) The girls who really don't know what they're doing, and usually have to be told by the younger girls where to go and what to do. These girls look forward to practices because they're interested in what snacks will be offered, and also how many times they can make inappropriate references. They usually go by the nickname of "Brittany."

Yup, I'm a #3 with Ellen, no doubt. And though the practices were loo-o-o-ng, I'm already nostalgic that I'm graduating and four years of SS flew by... Did Peter Pan figure out that "Young Forever" thing?

And you know my ever-loyal Auburn besties wouldn't miss a Step Sing show.

P.S. Yeah buddy, Chi O. This post title is ripped from your show. Can't get that song outta my head...
P.P.S. To all those concerned, ADPi brought it and we won a lotta hearts. Girls never win Step Sing though :(

February 14, 2010


"We love because he
 first loved us."

1 John 4:19

Valentine or lack-there-of, let's be honest:
I'm really in it for the candy.

Photo courtesy of Pink Wallpaper

February 12, 2010

Players only love you when they're playin'.

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth C. Bryan, aka LB.

You can forever Tweet cocky and crass comments.
You can give TMI in Rolling Stone and Playboy interviews.
You can break the hearts of half the brigade of American sweethearts.

And I'll ever love and defend you as a tortured artist's soul, John C. Mayer.

Tuesday's John Mayer concert here in Birmingham = phenomenal.

 In 8th grade, my bestie Katherine tossed me a mix CD of some guy popular among her brother's Furman crowd. And since the days of knee socks, Trinity plaid, and crest-emblazoned cardigans, I've never looked back. Even when Mama saw that he had a song called "Your Body Is a Wonderland" and wanted to chunk the CD out the 4Runner window. 

Tuesday, I was in heaven. Mm. Just listen to how he changes up "Half of My Heart" here. (then he slid into Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," and I pretty much had to sit down. Too perfect.)

February 8, 2010

Southern Charm

I do believe I kinda want this. On a really long chain around my neck. Just sayin'.

  Alabama State Charm, James Avery, $85

February 5, 2010

Get the Look: It's Complicated

Head over to The Love List to see my post about the design style of "It's Complicated."

Photo credit: PointClickHome and Remodelista.

Some movie sets seem to come with a pedigree. Remember the pristine colonial house in Father of the Bride? What about the homes Lindsay Lohan trounced about in The Parent Trap--a most lovely London townhouse and California vineyard home. Tick off the British cottage and L.A. house in The Holiday, and the Southampton beach escape in Something's Gotta Give and you're starting to crack the family tree of It's Complicated.

Nancy Meyers is the wizard director behind some of our favorite glossy chick-flicks. Unbeknownst to most, however, is that Meyers is also dreams up the beautifully designed homes of her characters.  "Besides being a master with pen and camera lens, Meyers is a dedicated design devotee as well," Traditional Home magazine notes of Meyers.

Photo credits: Traditional Home.

Get The Look
Here at The Love List, we think a casual, entertaining-loving Southern belle could create a similar look with these tips. (And a non-Hollywood budget!)

1. Build accents from a neutral wall color, like Benjamin Moore's Linen White or Tapestry Beige, Farrow & Ball's String 8, or Full Spectrum Paints' Mushroom.

Read more tips...

February 4, 2010

Wedding Planning 101: Some Like It Southern

Below is an excerpt from my latest article for MyScoop. Head to MyScoop to read more!

Photos courtesy of A. Bryan Photography.

So he put a ring on it, and you're over the 'constant gaze-towards-left-hand' stage and ready to start planning your wedding. We gathered a team of Birmingham's wedding experts--a wedding planner, event planner, stationery expert, and florist--to spill their tips about appropriate wedding planning 101. Being good Southern belles, we added M. Elizabeth Events etiquette expert Meghan Cease's pearls of wisdom, just look for "Meghan Says" to glean some insight!

Raised below the Mason-Dixon 
     Southern brides know there are a few things that will forever be apropos. "A good 'ole, Southern wedding is not complete without a beautiful bride's cake. Make it as big and beautiful as you can, even if you have to use dummy layers," Gamel said. This photogenic confection is typically a showpiece, so don't forget to spread a stunning tablecloth beneath the cake.
     We breed 'em beautiful down here, and we're not just talking about the girls. "When it comes to Southern flowers, gardenias and magnolias are always on the top of any Southern fashionista's list," Mandy Majerick of  
Hot House Designs said. "I also recommend Southern greens such as smilax vine and magnolia leaves for unique wreaths for doors or tabletops."
     Kathy Raughley Events specializes in French hand tied bouquets, with classic spray roses and even magnolia leaves. "It's timeless elegance, it will be in style 50 years from now.'  These would be an oh-so-Southern touch for the bride, bridesmaids, mother, and grandmothers.
     Never underestimate a monogram. "A huge trend we are seeing is for a bride to create a sort of logo for her wedding and then carry it throughout the wedding," Gillespie said. From the save the date to placecards, guest favors to even wall projects, this trend is a great way to tie together a wedding.
      Some wedding venues require a tad alteration--whether it's installing an altar or displaying antique candelabras on the dinner table. Laura Waldrip owns
 The French Market, located at 611 28th Street South. The warehouse is a treasure trove of classic antique pieces available for rental. 

Meghan Says...
Two of the greatest Southern wedding traditions are grace and family.  Be a good hostess for your guests and work creatively and fervently to bring your two families together. 

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