I'm a pardoned rebel who encountered a radical, passionate Love called Jesus Christ. A Love that had mercy on me and redeemed me. A Love that never leaves me, and instead invites me to His table as a daughter. I'm a Christ follower. 

I learned how to drive on Alabama roads in a pick-up truck, curtseyed in white gloves in a debutante ball, and nabbed a journalism and political science degree from Samford University. After that, I independently jetsetted to 29 American universities working with collegiate women in leadership development as a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Long story short: coolest, weirdest, toughest job I'll ever commit to. These days, the Peach State capital is home: I am settling into a PR career under the gorgeous Atlanta skyline, first working in agency life with Jackson Spalding, and now as PR Manager for Ford Fry and his 7 restaurants (which yes, means I have a good meal or two every week).

Sometimes it's about event planning, copy writing and consuming news and media, mostly it's about Atlanta Beltline walks with my best friends and our weekly Taqueria del Sol margs.
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