July 8, 2009

Boot Scootin'

For an upcoming Southern Living story, I have been hot on the trail of fabulous Texas boot designer Stephanie Ferguson. As a girl has yet to grow out of that inevitable I-just-love-horses-stage, I have been entranced with her boots: the gorgeous inlay, handcut designs, and crafting process.

And then I met them in person. Today, a shipment of six pairs of Stephanie Ferguson creations landed on my Southern Living desk. You should smell these puppies--the leather alone is an southern aphrodisiac.

So Katie (my fellow intern) and I decided to have an impromptu fashion show on the third floor. Which was great and wonderful, until my foot got stuck in one of the boots and it took 12 minutes for Katie to yank it off. Disclaimer: I wear a size 7 and the boot was approximately a 4.

Katie, if it weren't for you, my foot would still be located inside the Southwestern Style boot. And my abs would be significantly less toned from laughing so hard.

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