March 29, 2010

NYT Uncovers Tweeting Ballerinas

Photo courtesy of New York Times

It happens to every little dancer, about the time your foot can reach the high barre and you graduate from baby blue to sophisticated black strappy leotards: an obsession with true ballerinas.

For me, it began with a Darci Kistler autographed NYCB Swan Lake poster--a gift from Santa the same year I shredded "Ballerina: My Story" by Darci Kistler. (I also believe I morphed the book into a whopping two book reports in 3rd grade--holla. Mrs. Harrington loved me.) From then on, I was enthralled. Little boys with their sports stats memorized had their female match in me. Subscriptions to Pointe and Dance magazines arrived like clockwork. You knew that the Braves were the first MLB franchise to win the World Series in 3 different series, but I could tell you that Paloma Herrera came to ABT at the age of 15 in 1991. Riveting, I know.

Gone are the days when I could rattle off the principals at NYCB, ABT, SFB, Miami City Ballet, but thanks to Twitter--I can still stalk. This New York Times exposé  is making waves in the arts sphere today. "Poised and graceful in performances that you just know they're all belching, smoking, and cursing like construction workers backstage," says New York Magazine.

“Odette act II was ok today, mild foot cramps though. 
Yuck yuck. Onto odile. Going for evil sexy tonight;).”

Get it, @ashleybouder. You're as fun as @sn00ki and @lilwayne pre-tweet hiatus. Who do you stalk on Twitter?

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  1. Loved this post- i was a ballet fanatic too! You had me in stitches. My best friend mary catherine via lilies and sparrows sent me your way and i am in love- such personality!


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