December 17, 2010

Some people say I've done alright for a girl.

Kristen + me. Photo courtesy of Kristen Stallings.

Point A: I am sorry for not blogging lately. I was out galavanting/hop-scotching around Montgomery. But I'm back yo.

Point B: However, this past week, I've gotten to kick back. Here are some things I have a crush on lately. 123go.

My Minnetonka boots (see above image). For all those concerned, I still love them. So did half the employees of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International. And that's a win.

Hot yoga class. Obsessed.

The Radical book. It's by David Platt, pastor of Birmingham's Church at Brook Hills. And one-sixth the reason I'm dying to go to Passion Conference again this year.

My weird love for stationery. During college breaks,  I hustled around a Montgomery paper shop creatively named The Paper Store. Tucked in an creaky 1930's house in the Old Cloverdale district of gump town, it was pretty much THE place to get your bridal paper suites/invitations/calling cards. I got addicted (and pretty good, brushmyshouldersoff) to font sizes and Crane's Blue Book. I'm the type that holds invitations up to the light to figure out the watermark.
Fascinating, I realize. I'm even nerdy than you think.

Photo courtesy of Lucky Luxe.

Anyway, finding the Lucky Luxe website made me grin. The designers may have Mississippi State/Ole Miss relations, but clearly breach from the Old South cream-paper-black-rook wedding invitation that is likely hanging off the side of your fridge. Nico and Lala is equally cool.

A. Bryan Photo/this slideshow. We'd sit in college and stare at this website. Samford University: Where ya get a ring by spring or your money back.

The Lex + Loren video. But my friends and I've decided it ain't got nothin' on Two Pease in a Pod.

Kate Middleton. I lie. This is an old one. I've had a girl-crush on her and that Sloan Ranger whatever style for 3 years now. Don't let the fame change you, Kate. Stay strong.

AND they're not inviting Obama to their wedding.
I knew we'd be friends, Kate.

Ann Mashburn. My ultra-hip bestie Camilla works at the Atlanta boutique. Camil has more style in her baby finger than I'll ever claim ownership on. Hence she and her eye for beauty get hired at swanky joints like this:

Photos courtesy of Unabashedly Prep.

Kelle Hampton's blog. Read if you're a fan of the Fly Through Our Window/The Pioneer Woman set. Or read if you have a soul. It's the treck of a gorgeous photog mama and her two precious girls--one who has Down Syndrome. As the daughter of a special needs teacher, I turn to butter around Down's babies. This blog is legit.

Photo courtesy of Kelle Hampton.

Blog title: Melanie Safka - Brand New Key. Because I always loved roller skating birthday parties at Looney's. And I'm still pretty rockin'.


  1. I've been reading Kelle Hampton since before Nella was born. She's amazing, isn't she!?

  2. I am in love with your boots! And that Lex & Loren video is precious! Thanks for sharing all of your latest crushes!

  3. Ashlyn,
    I was just thinking about The Paper Store. have spent a lot of time in that store. Glad you are enjoying your break.
    Have a wonderful, festive weekend.

  4. Yeah, I'm lovin the boots. To the point I want a pair, but oh wait, I grew up horse showing and therefore have calves that refuse to change in size, for better or worse. AKA that don't fit in boots...
    I'm might definitely be addicted to that wedding photographer's website now... Add it to the list of 'em.
    And I'm a sucker for stationery. May or may not have spent a good two hours in my favorite local one tonight.

  5. Ummm, I havetohave a pair of those boots. So cute!

  6. Yeah, Bryan Johnson is pretty much the best wedding photographer that I know of. Hopefully, whenever I get married, there will be enough in the budget to hire him. Fun fact: my friend in college had a giant crush on his younger brother, Phil; this past year that same friend got married in New Orleans and was able to hire Bryan to be the photographer.

    Also, I haven't been to Ann Mashburn yet, but I hope to get down there sometime. It must be pretty handy having a friend who probably gets a discount at both Mashburn stores...

  7. Love, love, love Kelle Hampton. I'm not a lover of all mom-bloggers, but Kelle's the exception. And those boots are fabulous.


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