August 13, 2012

Hail the blue and white.

We run a little stint over on Back Down South aptly titled 7 in 7.

From white-after-Easter to boots, the series features a bit of little-known info on a Southernism accompanied with some pretty inspiring photography shot by the lovely Caroline.

Seersucker season is 'bout to close up shop, so follow along this week for a final toast.

What are you going to miss when we pack it all up Labor Day weekend?

photo credits: 1 // 2
blog post title: Yes, a relic of sorority life. I know way too many azure blue/white themed songs.


  1. For some reason, Labor Day, brings a feeling of the closing of summer, I guess it's because most schools are back in session. I look forward to the Fall season (it's my fave) but I will miss the weekends at the lake, in-season summer fruits and veggies, and the constant smell of summer grilling! I hope this was not just a call for fashion comments :) I love fashion but the only fashion-item I miss about summer is cute sandals!


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