June 11, 2009

I Love My Internship Reason #986

For no reason at all, today I acquired two beautiful bottles of D&G perfume. (Okay so I lied, one of the editors is on some glorious mailing list and as a motorcycle-driving man, wasn't really feeling the Gabanna love.) The Anthology Collection by D&G will launch in September 2009. The five bottles bear monickers from tarot cards.

Though I love L'Imperatrice 3, I'm absolutely sold on L'Amoureux 6--I have a penchant for musky scents. It's just enough to make me set down my Tom Ford Black Orchid.

What's the most fabulous thing you've inherited from an internship or job?

Photo courtesy of Dolce and Gabanna

1 comment:

  1. being attacked by farm animals not on leashes.


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