June 5, 2009

Tales from the Road (or my cubicle, take your pick)

I miss my "spolatian" days, but thanks to blogging for Southern Living's Tales from the Road travel blog, I can relive the days when the little jewel box of a city was mine to explore. I didn't know a soul, and so leaning on God as my only friend was awesome (don't worry I made friends as the jasmine-scented days tolled along).

And I'm not sure I can express how thrilled I am to be posted on one of my favorite magazine's websites, so ask me about in person. Squealing will be involved.

"You know those little triggers that cue the voice in your head to say, “This time last year?” Lately for me, memories ensue with the thick scent of confederate jasmine or the lowcountry cookbooks lying around my apartment—it’s safe to say I miss Charleston these days. This time last year, I was interning at the fabulous Spoleto Festival USA in the Holy City..."

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