October 24, 2009

Three Little Letters

I took monogramming for granted during my first 18 years of existence. Of course I put one on everything. Why? Because my mother did it first and that was just how things operated in Montgomery. Then I moved to college where I met my big-city-of-Dallas hipster roommate, who (I'm convinced) still thinks it is slightly ostentatious that I slap my three favorite letters on anything that sits still for a moment.

But I have no shame. And when I stumbled across these adorable Dabney Lee decals, I flipped. They are classic, but stand out in the monogram-decal alphabet soup around the South.

Photo courtesy of Dabney Lee.

1 comment:

  1. That's a great post! I can completely relate to that one! I too took them for granted - I didn't realize everybody didn't do that??? I think it's much less ostentatious to put your own monogram on something than someone's that you purchased like say...LV! I would rather have my own monogram on my bag than some strange French guy that I don't know :) Oh...and I too grew up in Montgomery! Small world...


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