October 20, 2009

November Issue of Southern Living

So I may be tucked behind the collegiate pearly gates of Samford University, but I've got my sources. Okay, so honestly I just visited the Southern Living offices yesterday because I missed my fellow intern Katie. Anyway, she tossed a hot-off-the-press November issue my way and it's beautiful! And was far more interesting to thumb through than my Mass Media Law notes.

With the SL redesign in it's second full-issue form, there is plenty to look forward to this month:

1. Following the October launch is another instillation of Made by Southern Hands: 8 items that are southern born-and-bred. Big surprise, I fell for the Leontine Linens monogram.
2. Annette's story on Seagrove Pottery from North Carolina. I unpacked the pieces we used to shoot in the studio: velvety soft and stunning.
3. I. Love. Architecture. LOVE it. Blame it on having a building contractor father and artistic mother. Jen Cole's story about Montpelier's restoration was drool-worthy.
4. Gawk over a most attractive 29-year-old Kasey Kahne (NASCAR driver) and read about his Charlotte picks. (I've been reading SL since elementary school. The male-gawking thing was an SL first for me. Helloooo, Mr. Kahne...)
5. The 2 centerpiece ideas that I'll be adopting on pages 12 and 53. Perusing Greatstuffbypaul.com for containers is a fab idea by SL.
6. Dear SL Homes Department, I'm feeling a Domino vibe. Thanks for filling the void. Love, Me
7. I'm looking for my inhaler because I stopped breathing. An 1852 Georgia farmhouse spread is pretty darn close to what I want my house to look like. This will be promptly ripped and put in my Clips I Can't Ever Lose binder.
8. Annette's gorgeous Everglades well that finished up marvelously!
9. A Holiday Dinners guide. The sorority kitchen may soon be in use.
10. A Carolina Livings story about Lexington's Red Bird Brand Peppermint company written by a certain intern. Shameless, shameless. Indeed I have no shame.

Have you gotten your glossy November copy yet?

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  1. there you are!! glad to see you back in twitterville too!! Hope your having a great time at school! = )

    {p.s. having a giveaway stop by if you get the chance}


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