June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday/This is getting ridiculous.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Glassford. Embarrassment from entire Italian ice shop singing to me, also courtesy of Brooke Glassford.

First, I graduated college. Then I turned 22 last week. As a result of these celebratory incidents, I am now I have accumulated quite the gear and am set to travel the nation. Holy cow. This is real life.

3 pieces of Heys luggage
1 laptop/briefcasey bag

Graduation money in visable form.

That's a lot of luggagey things.
That's my life for the next year.
One week of job training in Atlanta (aka ADPi Camp, which always resembles a Lilly convention) starts today, then I'm back home for a few short weeks before being a mother bird and setting my little travel collection out into the wild.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer. This is my current desktop/phone wallpaper.

So in the name of azure blue and white, I'm off to meet the 5 women/fellow traveling leadership consultants. We hear we'll be fast friends.


  1. Love your blog! I passed an award on to you! Check my blog for it!

  2. Only three pieces but looking so beautiful.
    laptop/briefcasey bag
    Vera Bradley ditty bag
    Vera Bradley curling iron holder thing
    Kate Spade Colin travel case
    Longchamp bag
    What a good collection. So nice. boutiqueken


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