June 6, 2010

Rock the boat.

"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."
- John Shedd, "Salt from My Attic," 1928

The word "unsafe?" Definitely negative connotation. But some days I just get so pumped about life. And how no matter what I do, I can't thwart the Lord's ultimate plan. Because safety wasn't what Christianity was built for either. It was radical back then. It should radically disturb our idea of the "American Dream" now. So I might as well give risk a shot, right? (Disclaimer/clarification: Working under his parameters, I mean. I'm not saying I'm gonna like, go downstairs and test how many tequila shots my body can hold in an hour or anything.)

So I'm excited for this upcoming transition out of my comfort zone. Though some days it seems kinda nerve-wrecking...

But I'd rather lick my lips, let out a breath and GO. Anywhere. Everywhere. I'm thisclose to sitting in Books-a-Million researching until I feel confident in my backpacking skills and then hi-tailing it to Europe after May. Or Asia.

Wow. Ramble much? I need lay off the William Faulkner...


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