August 15, 2010


Mama said I did this kind of thing at age 4. HUGE compliment, Mom.

This job is hard. I've come to adore it, but let's be honest--it potentially includes: 3:30 a.m. wake up calls to catch planes, donning "real clothes" (skirts and stilettos, not Nike shorts) for about 12 hours, "Hey! I know I'm just meeting you, but can you give a 30-min. presentation to 75 women on recruitment in like, 2 minutes?," excessive chanting/singing, recruitment number crunching on the reg, people 24/7 (no exaggeration. 24 hours a day. Every day.), and enough staring at Microsoft Word to make my eyes cross.

But it's the best job in the whole wide world. For me.

This kid shows the kind of attitude I'm attempting to bring with me every day.I mean, sometimes I stand in front of a mirror and do the fist-pump-lunge, sometimes I slack. If you Facebook stalk me, you know I posted this YouTube find the other day. But I can't help it. A sister at UGA passed this hysterical video along to me, and it's perfect...

Because to some of the girls, I've gotta encourage from the ground up. To some girls, regardless of how much sleep I'm getting or how I'm doing personally, I'm supposed to be the one that believes in them at 2 a.m. when the scripted lines aren't sticking to memory, the lists from Panhellenic still aren't in, they feel like they're the "only one," and when the little world they've built is crumbling.

And in our Eat, Pray, Love-minded, self-centered kind of world, we've gotta have this kind of confidence. So we can dole out a lot of love. I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! (clap)

UGA and NebraaaAAAaska reports comin' stat. Promise-cross-my-heart.

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  1. Hello Ashlyn, my daughter just got a bid from ADPi at Georgia Tech yesterday (she is thrilled btw), and in my searches for info and images of the house there, I came across your blog. What fun reading it, I'm going to pass it on to Melanie, not sure she has much time yet to read it (rush has kept her running...tonight the girls are running to all the frats to collect roses). It's all exciting for her. Sandy in Columbus GA


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