November 27, 2010

Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain.

Katie, Me, Zea, and Zoe in Gas Works Park

I'm backtrackin'. I realized I promised everyone Seattle updates and never did that. I posted a bit earlier, but here's a tad more. So I'll do this, then we'll zoom to the cornfields of Nebraska, home for an Auburn game, up to New England for a week, then back down to Dixieland. Told ya: best job ever.

University of Washington
Seattle, WA

I have several observations to make about living for a week and a half with the Alpha Dee's of the Puget Sound area:

1. When they suggest it rains in this part of the country, this is NOT a myth. I saw Mr. Sun DOS times that visit. For serious. 2. The cool things are a) it's not rain, per se, more like a consistant mist, and b) it's surprisingly non-depressing. Kinda peaceful, in fact.

Suzzallo Library. Rain + this architecture = It's basically Hogwarts.

2. Seattle style, aka How to Dress Like a Collegiate Seattleite
Lululemon: They endorse the brand like it's going out of style. So of course, it was a matter of days before I made them direct me to University Village, trotted down, and blew more than half my pay check on the workout clothes (anyone who knows me isn't shocked, I look for reasons to buy new tennis dresses/Nike shorts/yoga clothes). Pricy, but probably some of the best stuff I've bought. Ever. It'll last 'til my tennis mom days, right? KIDDING, kidding...

And then you get sucked into the abyss. Photo courtesy of Photo Apoptosis.

Emi-Jay Hair Ties: On wrists, in hair, doubled, trippled--Seattle girls rock 'em. And now I do too, considering ponytails are the best invention next to jeggings. And if jeggings are wrong, I don't want to be right. Plus, the company supports a variety of philanthropies. Doneanddone.

Photo courtesy of Emi-Jay.

They make rain look cute. Lots of black, lots of boots, lots of black-leggings-with-my-oversize-plaid-shirt looks. And after I saw an adorable girl across campus with Minnetonka fringe boots, I decided these were extremely practical for my lifestyle. And bought some. And have endured relentless Native American/Pocahontas/"Ash, you go make fire for us?" jokes. And I. Do. Not. Care. I love them. At least I can wear them to Bonnaroo, right?
Madewell: It recently opened near UW, and as J.Crew's little sister, it's more Alexa Chung-downtown-hipster than preptastic. Again, I got sucked in.

3. That whole coffee-obsession thing out here. Kinda true.

4. I was in recycle/compost heaven. There is a little hippie in me, the side that declares I save 12 animals a year by being a vegetarian and fussed at my best friend in 10th grade at the lunch table because she got bigger tires on her Pathfinder, thus they're less fuel-efficient, thus the environment is more polluted... Love you, Brooke. I still take hits for that tirade. It's okay, my good 'ole boy Southern guy friends joke that I'll never get married until I start eating meat. But at least they accepted me in Seattle.

2. The sights. All my friends want me to shut up already about Seattle, but I can't help it: I fell in love. My Alpha Theta sisters were legit and constantly entertained me. Direct quote from a friend: "Ash, I knew you loved that chapter visit when you put up Facebook pictures. You NEVER put up Facebook albums."

I don't really feel like posting all those pictures up here, so
if we're not Facebook friends, here's a link to the album that has Seattle pics:
The picture above is explained.
So yeah. That was Seattle. To everyone that loves me, I'll TRY to shut my mouth about it now.

Blog title: Oh yeah, Tay Sway. She's my girl. Taylor Swift - "Sparks Fly"


  1. I love reading about your adventures-- and I adore the PNW, so glad you enjoyed it too!

    And thanks for the intro to Emi-Jay hair ties, they look so cute!

  2. FYI, there is a Madewell at Lenox Mall in The A.


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