November 17, 2010


I'm stealing this idea from Em.

So. As our lives revolve around Greek Life this year, I speak on behalf of the fab 7 Alpha Delt Leadership Consultants and say we get a kick out of Total Frat Move. Inappropriate? Absofreakinglutely. But every now and then a TFM post is so utterly fratastic/our life that we bust out laughing. It didn't take us long this year to start posting TLCM's (Total LC Move) back and forth on our Blackberry Messenger group. We, of course, think we are hysterical.

I decided to let you in on some of our better TLCM's.
I'm not gonna tell you who said what, but anyone who knows us
could guess some of them...

Ran laps in a parking lot around an apartment complex for a week because I couldn't figure out how I would get back in the gates if I left for a run. TLCM.

I'm sitting at a bar by myself on Gameday and just sweet-talked the Yankee bartender into turning on the Auburn game. Have made 8 new friends. TLCM.

"Well, that's a great idea, but I don't know if it will work at our school. We're unique." TLCM.

Signed up as a student to get a bunch of junk e-mails just so I could get a free pair of neon sunglasses. TLCM.

The jukebox started playing "Sweet Home Alabama." By the end, half the restaurant was very aware of my homestate. TLCM.

Wore a sundress in the middle of November at a campus where everyone wears sweats to class. Was spotted by a fellow Vandy friend across the quad because, oh wait--I always stick out like a sore thumb. TLCM. (I'm calling her out. Definitely submitted by Em.)

Oh, fitting in.

Faked a conference call. Because I needed to be by myself for once.  Alone. For 5 minutes.  TLCM.

Turning on ESPN because their voices are low and they have testosterone. TLCM.

"Wait--you're from Alabama but you want Alabama to LOSE?" TLCM.

"You're so cute! We were totally were expecting you to be super old or something." TLCM.

Ate a bowl of cereal off a paper plate. With milk. More than once. TLCM.

Had a not-so-optimal chapter visit. So I bought myself a pair of boots online. Had them shippped. TLCM.
AU game this weekend. Feelings can be bought sometimes. Cute, huh?
They made total for the very first time. I may be crying more than they are. TLCM.

I just spent 4 hours driving around to find champagne flutes for yet another pref. My wedding's gonna be a cinch. TLCM.

Maybekindasorta stuck my foot to lift up the scale at the airport because my bag is just over 50 lbs. The agent didn't notice because I batted my eyelashes. I should probably ship things home now. TLCM.

Here's what I like to do: Make the collegians pose with me in touristy pictures so I look less lame. TLCM.

Me and the Alpha Thetas at The Troll, Seattle, WA.

We're staying in a university guest room. Three times at 2 a.m., couples have tried to break in because apparantly this room serves has another life as a make-out spot. Funny. But not at 2 a.m. TLCM. 
Dug a newspaper out of a recycle bin, because I hadn't read a newspaper since I started traveling. TLCM.

They made a huge "Welcome ___" poster for my room this week. I cried. TLCM. (I just gave myself away.)

Used the chapter composite as a giant flashcard. TLCM.

I pass out on every airplane before takeoasdf;lzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... TLCM.

Ate two lunches back-to-back because there was a mixup as to who had a lunch meeting and who had a regular meeting with me. I didn't tell them because they're so sweet. This is why I gain weight. TLCM.

Pretended I was hungry. TLCM.

This is one of those visits where they sometimes forget to feed me. It's ok: there's a vending machine one floor down. TLCM.

I slay ritual imperfections. Do not cross me. TLCM.

Bought Southern Living in the airport because I'm homesick. Cut out the recipes and mailed them home for my recipe box. TLCM. (This is me. I'll admit it.)

Made ____ meet me at the airport during my 4 hour layover because I haven't been around a boy in weeks. Or been kissed in months. TLCM.

Skype 2 hours a night with my boyfriend to make up for long distance. TLCM.

My work phone gets waaay more action than my social life phone. TLCM.

I don't think it's weird to name my child after a founder. TLCM.

Did yoga in the shower instead because I don't want my roommates to think I'm weird. TLCM.

Love my job :)
Aight--for all the consultants past and present
whom I've discovered read this blog,
(your emails/Facebook messages make my life)
what are your TLCM's?


  1. My work phone gets waaay more action than my social life phone. TLCM. GUILTY. I LOVE LOVE this. I should tots mcgoats copy you and em now. This literally made my morning.

  2. So funny, Ashlyn. Glad to see you are loving your job!
    Have a great week.

  3. These are so cute! I frequently get a kick out of TFM as well!

  4. we need to make a shirt that just says


  5. running around campus in badge attire and heels, latte in one hand, giant stuffed penguin in the other. TTECM (total traveling educational consultant move)

    -true story!
    from a Theta Phi Alpha Traveling Educational Consultant :)

  6. Ash, as always, love reading your blog. Brought me some laughs on this one!

  7. Sat next to guy on the plane today who laughed the second I told him my job. TLCM

    Wandered around the Student Center until I found a power outlet. TLCM

    Made it in and out of the bookstore in under 5 minutes with my shot glass and postcard. TLCM

    Got taken to the best burrito place EVER the second I landed. TLCM

    Love your idea with this. Thank you for sharing, my favorite one is definitely:

    My work phone gets waaay more action than my social life phone. TLCM.

  8. I had breakfast at 10:30... at night. TLCM.

    The guys put me up in a visitor room on campus. This is the first time I've had heat in weeks. TLCM.

    "Just frat-card it." TLCM.

    Do undergrads realize that every city has an Applebee's? TLCM.

    "Dollar draft night sounds awesome, but I need to finish this report." TLCM.

    I held an impromptu educational program at the chapter meeting the first night. The title of the program was "how to not be an idiot" and the first lesson was how to not leave a bong in the room where the LC is staying. TLCM.

  9. Bahaha. Ben. You hit the nail on the head.

    Do undergrads realize that every city has an Applebee's? TLCM.

    I need more than 5 fingers to count the number of times I've heard, "We have this AWESOME new restaurant called Applebees/Panera/TGIFriday's, you're gonna absolutely love it."

    That's actually a chain, sweet darlin'. But I'll play dumb because you're adorable.

  10. this post cracks me up!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment last week. :)

  11. As if the girls at Samford didn't think that Panera and Jason's Deli were the only restaurants in Birmingham...

  12. I love this! As soon as I saw "TLCM" I laughed, which is a TLCM. I traveled in 08-09 for ADPi and we definitely traded these stories back and forth as well. I think the blogs are great! It's fun to read what you traveling sisters are up to! I had a moment a couple weeks ago, I was at an ADPi alunm meeting and someone was talking about sending out a press release for my chapter's 100th anniversary and I said that we needed to have that approved first. They kinda just looked at me funny and said they would look into it. TLCM

    Aubrey Ramsey
    Tau '05

  13. Hey Ashlyn!!!
    So glad we met and I love that Aubs shared your blog with our year. I just spent the first 20 minutes at work laughing and thinking of all the similar times. I love the applebees one! My repeat restaurant was Chili's. And whoever it was with the 4 hour layover used it well!! Enjoy the last few months they just fly by!
    Love & Loyally, Meg


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