July 7, 2011

Throw it in the bag.

Towards the end of my travels, I started fielding a lots-a questions from future NPC traveling consultants (Hellooo out there again--pumped for y'all!). One of the biggest/most repeated?

"Um... How exactly do you pack?"

Ah, yes, dear one. 'Tis an art. An art that includes a 10-lb. shipment home to Mama within month uno. Those Hunter wellies I thought I'd need? Negative ghostrider. You streamline.

For those wondering, I had to type up an entire packing list for the 2011-2012 ADPi LC group. And for those curious, I'm brave enough to post my personal items on the internet. Wow. New low.

Carry-on/"The Office:"

20" Heys piece with 1-liter clear bag with fold-up toothbrush | 3 oz. mini-products (hairspray, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant) | Tide To-Go pen (to whom I owe my solidarity) | bobby pins | Emi-jay ponytail holders | lipgloss | laptop | Hobo wallet | pens | business cards and company stationary | ADPi Ritual Book, ha | passport | Vera Bradley jewelry case | umbrella | the "Emergency Outfit" | camera | a Longchamp bag | Lilly Pulitzer planner | bible/journal/books | iPod | about 20 DVD's | as much candy as they'd let me bounce through TSA with

Suitcase #1/"The Closet:"
3 sports bras | 2 long-sleeved Nike running tops for Yankeeeeeland | 2 running tanks | 2 pairs of Lululemon yoga pants | 2 pairs of Hudson jeans | 1 pair of jeggings | 2 J. Crew tanks for layering | 4-5 J. Crew cardi's to throw over dresses | 2-4 fun tops for under a jacket at work or for going out | 6 t-shirts | 1 Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirt | 1 Patagonia pull-over | 1 pair of high school football sweatpants | 1 pair of pajama boxers | my bikini, duh | 30 pairs of undies. K, that's as personal as I'm gettin' over here | 2 LBD’s | 1 black Urban Outiftters blazer |  7-8 dresses | 4 skirts | North Face rainjacket | Francesca's peacoat | 3 pashminas | gloves/hats/#ihatethenorthfrigid

Suitcase #2/"The bathroom cabinet/laundry room/pantry:"
1 large Kate Spade “Colin Bag” with manicure stuff | q-tips and cotton balls | toothbrush/toothpaste | face lotions | make-up | comb/brushes | 1 Vera Bradley Large Cosmetic Bag with vitamins | any and every medication ever |  band-aids | Airbornne | Crystal Light packets | Starbucks Via packets | infinity supply of gum | 1 pair of black Jessica Simpson stilettos | 1 pair of Private Gallery nude stilettos | 1 pair of Jack Rogers | 1 pair of Tory Burch Revas | 2 pair of Nike running shoes | 1 pair of shower shoes | 1 pair of cute boots | large Zip-Loc bag of laundry supplies | Downy Wrinkle Release | lingere bag | roll of quarters | dryer sheets | 1 resistance band | 2 3-lb. free weights. Yes, I'm crazy.

5 Tips from a Jetsetter:
1. Dryer sheets in your shoes that are going to be right up in your clothes' business for 12 hour travel days.
2. The heavier, the further to THE WHEELS it goes when packing.
3. Roll all clothes so you have room to shop pack better.
4. Give old magazines away at airports unless you think 10-lbs in glossy paper sounds fun. And new friends rule.
5. You'll love yourself more if you travel with baby hairspray, concealer, and lipgloss in your carry-on.

Dang, I'm sorta gonna miss this life.

Just kidding, I get my very first apartment key today after work.

This is how I feel about that: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. yayyyy for your first apartment key :) and you're such a good packer.

  2. Thanks, Ashlyn! I need to get this project started STAT. :)

  3. Between this and the packing list y'all gave us I feel MUCH better!! Thanks sister!

  4. Love it! What does your "Emergency outfit" entail?

  5. SO EXCITING! Yay for your new life as a young professional!! You're gonna knock 'em dead.

  6. Hallelujah!! I was just about to email you for your advice -- this is clutch, girlfriend. You're a packing rockstar.

    Hope you're loving ATL. Give her a giant kiss from me!
    Mary Catherine

  7. Hey friend! You should do a post on the makeup and cleansing products you use. These pics made me curious. :)

  8. Come back to blog world, please!

  9. This is fantastic!! I'm going to be starting my position as an ELC for Alpha Phi in July, and this blog was passed on to me through a DG consultant. I'm definitely going to be passing this along. This packing how-to has squashed any fears I had about packing!

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