November 21, 2011

Sex + money.

I think about this documentary about once a week.

But I'm touched by this topic twice a day.

Because on my sleepy, coffee-in-hand commute down one of Atlanta's biggest thoroughfares, I pass one. Two. Three. Four strip clubs. It's a dirty little nook, known around town for being "that" area.

"GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS" say the signs.

Sometimes I am switching lanes so fast--being the "Atlanta Driver" I use to roll my eyes over--that it doesn't hit me. Or I'm wound up in my little brownish-blonde headed thoughts. Other times? I lose it. I cry the whole way home. I just don't understand. Or actually, maybe we do understand exactly what it is like to be wrapped in stone-cold-steely chains...

So many of us are desperate for these women (and men) to meet Jesus, LOVE, and freedom. Chains be broken. I'm noticing this in my church family, as we're perched right around the corner from all this in a brand spankin' new building. The wheels are turning and the Spirit is moving on that street, I'll just have you know that. Something will happen there soon.

"I am so taken with Jesus and so convinced that abundance is in His wake alone
precisely because He has done so much to heal me."
- Beth Moore

But I just needed to make sure you'd seen that trailer. That you were aware of this very American issue.

That's all.


  1. Gosh - I think you are probably really "in it" right now. By "in it" I mean that you are struggling, really figuring out some things. I don't know what to say, except I'm praying for you. I hope you get to the other side of this. Some things you may want to check out. A friend of mine has been involved with the human trafficking prayer and justice movement for years. Her name is Amanda, and you can read more about her organization (24-7) here.

    I know you like more traditional forms of worship, but you may be inspired to see how Christians your age are coming together to discuss how to stop human trafficking.

    I feel like I should tell you everything is going to be okay. It is. Going to be okay. Promise. :)

  2. You couldn't have been more spot on when you wrote those four simple words, "this very American issue." Being an Atlanta native, my heart has always broken over this prevalent issue. Throughout my time at the SU I always tried to write or do a project on the topic just to raise awareness. For one of Dr. Jones' classes I wrote this article: I try to re-read and re-post it as a reminder.

    Love you and your heart.

    P.S. Diggin' the new site look.


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