November 28, 2011

When we have learned what Christmas is for.

Behind the proud logo of Old Try is a pair of Southern ex-pats living in Boston with a knack for moveable type and wood blocks. All their prints hail the states of Dixie, but Old Try's Christmas card hails another cause.

I love the design. Love that the X fades over the words "drought, thirst, disease." Love that this company declares we're called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that's broken.

Neat, right?

Cool cards. Especially on a Monday that glorifies punching in your credit card digits for stuff that I swear they are marketing not as gifts, but as "to me, from me." Because I'm pretty sure Rush Stallings doesn't the Milly dress I could use my 20% off Rent the Runway code on...

But uh, it's "CYBER20" if you're curious.

Post title: "Someday at Christmas" by Stevie Wonder, but let's all just agree that Justin Bieber kills it.
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