May 30, 2010

Music is what feelings sound like.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

"She is the bride of a King that loves her stronger than the ocean's tide / she's an example to the world of a captive that's been set free."
- Sam Heilig, "Words Fall Through"

I'm always game for an addition to my singer/songwriter iTunes genre. Send 'em my way!
Merci beaucoup to the guy that passed along this Georgia boy's name.
Cause now, I have some new songs on my fall-asleep playlist.
(Yeah I know, I'm 21 and maybe sometimes still go to bed with an iPod like I did in 9th grade. RIP, silver mini iPod.)

But I always did fall asleep to melodies. 
(Except for my brief departure to Delilah's hypnotic voice and radio show in the mid-90's.)
So I think it's kinda how we are wired if our mamas sang to us.
(Bonus points if you danced to it for 16 years.)

Consequently, I sing and rock little 3-month old I babysit every day. And after I sing Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," a little Drew Holcomb, and some Sunday School classics, and Carson's blue eyes blink open and mischievously look at mine, I whip out the arsenal of ADPi chapter songs. Can't help it. I got about 10 songs memorized and they kinda sound like lullabys.  

And then I go back downstairs and watch Toy Story with my 2-year-old boyfriend.
Did you know 2-year-olds prefer to watch movies more than once?
They do :)


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