December 2, 2011

There's no way that I'll say no.

Because I:
A. was the traveling Leadership Consultant who pestered almost every ADPi chapter last year with a worthy college football program asking if I could see their stadium, 
B. have lived in ATL for five months and still never set foot in the Georgia Dome (But uh, go Falcons),
C. love Erin Andrews probably more than most guys,

I am beside myself that tomorrow I get to roll out from under my Anthro bedspread and head to witness the graceful athletic prowess that is SEC football. Ask me where I was last year when Auburn played. Okay, I'll tell you: in a dorm room in Lincoln, Ne. Not sure if I'm gonna dress like a corndog or a dawg-dog yet. I'm taking offers though. 


Actually, if I'm gonna take offers, then I'll risk my life and wear my Cam jersey if you dare me considering rent in this town is whoa-baby.

But yeah. I'm stoked. War Eagle/Geaux-Tigers-Stop-Bama. But don't forget my first day ever on the job as a consultant last year, my suitcases and I landed on a Milledge Avenue front porch in the Classic City. Aw, shucks. UGA will steal your heart if ya let it.

Now. Who knows Erin Andrews and can help me meet her so we can go to PureBarre class together and hang out and braid each others' hair? Jokessssss...

Post title: "Oh Darling" by Plug In Stereo feat. Cady Groves.


  1. haha girl... not loving the STOP BAMA part buuuut I admit, love UGA. Win or Lose, Lsu will still go to the NC so why not dress as a dog dawg?!?! lol.... Sic' Em!

  2. AHHH. I applied for a ticket and didn't get one! And I'm a senior.. graduating on time. Hardly any students got tickets. UGA is in an uproar, everyone is so mad haha. So I'm going to go tailgate, but I won't be able to go in. :(

    Have fun! :)

  3. Baha--Lindsey, I'm kinda with you on that. I told that to a UGA friend though and they didn't understand my logic. Oops.

    And Rachel! Ugh! I hate to hear that, but I'm happy you'll be runnin' around the tailgate area, too!

  4. We loved having you in Athens last year, Ashlyn!! Cheer on the Dawgs for us and come back to Milledge Avenue sometime soon! <> <3


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