December 13, 2011

We ball so hard.

I feel like I've had to make that Jaw-jah-to-Bama drive a lot this semester. Holdupwait--I'm in the real world now. I think they just call them "seasons," not semesters.

Regardless, I'm proud to say that due to that, I only missed one home Auburn football game and definitely didn't miss this little darlin's big night.

This post is dedicated to my most devoted reader.
The one who constantly reminds me to "update that blog or no one will ever read it, Ashlyn."
The one who I've known since age 3, when I welcomed her into my life of choreographed dances to Mariah Carey songs.
I mean, as long as I could stay head choreographer. Priorities, people. Priorities.
The wittier Stallings girl: 

Little K-stalls.

Happy deb ball, beautiful little sis. You are a BLESSING. Luh you longtime.

Isn't she a beaut?

To anyone not from the South, or well, even from the South, I realize this seems odd. I do. 

My cousin and I looking at my grandmother and great aunt's 1953 queen portrait. The moment was again relished with Little Bit. Sweet Mimi's praisin' King Jesus these days! 

The fun fact is there are little princesses of the court aged 5 that run around in French handsewn dresses all night and can't come back until they're presented. Dad looked at me halfway through Saturday with his serious face and pointed to a princess. "You realize that when you were 5 you legitimately thought this was real, right? Like, real. Kings and queens and stuff."

Well, I mean DUH, Dad.

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