November 21, 2009

Boys Should Be Boys

Photos courtesy of Buffalo and Company

It didn't take me past the first quarter of the SU football game today to notice my friend's frat hat donned a logo I'd never seen. But it was so... manly.

Ponies, gators, whales, pointing bird dogs, and labs--we've seen a lot of stitched animals lately. Buffalo and Company blazes on the scene with a new approach:

"We believe man needs to re-discover his symbol. We see clothes for men lost to fashion designers and femininity, and too much prep. And while we believe in class, and high society, most men were made by hardship and through experiences of struggle, and failure to get there."
- Buffalo and Company, in reference to their symbol

Here, here! Because while I want grosgrain ribbon and Lilly, I like my boys to be boys. What do you think?


  1. I like it since it looks like the symbol for Wyoming. Best. Place. Ever

  2. omg I just saw this post and I love it! Dreaming in pink and green is exactly right - it's the bucking horse from Wyoming, only backwards :)


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