November 23, 2009

Debs de la Web

Random dep photo courtesy of Flickr.
Deb⋅u⋅tante - (n.) a young woman making a debut into society.
Debs⋅de⋅la⋅Web - (n.) a Monday morning debut of distractions that have successfully kept me from diligent work on my senior thesis and media bias position paper. Dangit.

The Love List introduces the etiquette-based Sass & Class column. First post? Football game behavior, just in time for rivalry weekend--Weagle.

MyScoop online magazine caters to "fashionistas with a Southern drawl" and has just expanded into Mississippi!

Flower Magazine's "What Kind of Flower Are You Quiz" for those of us that didn't grow old of Seventeen quizes. I think I tossed my hair after getting Alabama's state flower--the camellia. Maybe. But as a joke.

A toungue-in-cheek post by Natalie Davis over at Alabama Political Parlor offers the inside scoop for AL politicos.

Alabama-based Wrapsody has some fabulous online holiday deals starting this Wednesday:
- 30% off adorable Greek gifts
- 25% off retiring Vera Bradley patterns and free monograming on all Vera
- Free shipping over $100!
In order of stockings: moi, sister, mother. Photos courtesy of Wrapsody.

Aight, your turn. What's distracted you towards a holiday/work-free mindset today?


  1. I am a tulip! My mind is distracting with menus and to do lists- for our Thanksgiving meal, then for a holiday cocktail party on Friday (while working all week- eek!).

  2. Meant to tell you...cute little play on my words my little soon-to-be deb:) Am taking the flower quiz immediately. Will report back the results.

  3. Hello gorgeous cousin!!!

    I was so excited on this early holiday morning to find that you, too, have a blog! I am so impressed by it! Quite the little journalist =)

    Wish I could see you today at the lake, but we are going to have a FANTASTIC time at the game tomorrow. I can't wait to get the update on your life. Love you! Excited about following you!!


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