February 27, 2010

Just give me a beat.

Drew + Ellie photo courtesy of MySpace.
The past 2 nights, I've danced to 4 different bands. 

Saturday morning: Not sure how I feel; I can't stand for long periods of time because of my jelly legs. On the other hand, my legs have potential to look awesome for SB'10. Jury's still out.

2.25.2010 - Drew and Ellie Holcomb at Harry's Coffeehouse
2.25.2010 - The Kicks at WorkPlay
2.25.2010 - Hightide Blues at WorkPlay
2.26.2010 - 17th Floor at Zydeco

In honor of la musica, here is what I lately can't stop downloading (Just iTunes, support the music), YouTubing, and singing in a hairbrush in front of my mirror.
  1. Fire and Dynamite :: Drew Holcomb {The ultimate "you're hot and awesome can I please get to know you" song.}
  2. Better Love :: Drew Holcomb {At the concert he said, "If I could only write one more song the rest of my life, this would be it."}
  3. 4:15 :: Hightide Blues {I may or may not be guilty of wearing black dresses to their concerts for this line: "Hey pretty girl with the black dress on, you love to dance I see it in your eyes." Yeah. I'm cool. I'm also the girl who's mother put her on a little black dress purchasing freeze for owning too many.}
  4. Pursuit of Happiness :: Kid Cudi {Smooth. Perfect. Now if only I were cool enough to learn all the words...}
  5. We'll Be the Light :: The Dirty Guv'nahs {Gimme a good frat-band and I'm a happy girl. These Tennessee boys do the trick.}
  6. Emmalyn :: Out of Order {"Girl I miss your emerald eyes and the way you touch the sky. I think I just might pack my bags tonight." Okay by me.}
  7. Let It Ride :: Ryan Adams {We've been together since highschool, Ryan. You da best.}
  8. Mockingbirdsing :: Ryan Adams
  9. Funeral Dress :: William Fitzsimmons {I. Just. FOUND. THIS??}
  10. Carry Out :: Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake
  11. I Can Transform Ya :: Chris Brown
  12. Without You Here :: Eric Church {So I continue to acquire this album one song at a time. You'd think I'd catch on and buy the whole album. But now I'm rather attached to my organic approach.}
  13. Young and Wild :: Eric Church
  14. If It's Love :: Train {A little O.A.R. sounding, huh Sloan?}
  15. Red Light :: David Nail {I'm still scratchin' my head as to how he made a break-up song so pretty/catchy.}
  16. Whadsyaname :: Nelly {My question for you, Nelly: Whereyabeenboii?}
  17. Guitar and Tambourine :: Stephen Kellogg
  18. Live Like We're Dying :: Kris Allen {I've said it before and I'll say it again. There should be a website where you can make a mashup of songs, a la Glee. I would mash up this song and The Script's Breakeven. And it would be a trifecta of goodness. Except that "tri" means three...never mind.}


  1. I kindof love when you post music. Because then my iPod gets all these great new songs.

  2. "Let It Ride" is the song that made me realize that Ryan Adams is incredible. Still one of my favorites.

  3. Eric Church's "Hell on the Heart"= my OBSESSION. Check it out.

  4. I think any mash-up with Live Like We're Dying would automatically improve the other song. Just saying.. I might be a little obsessed.


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