February 12, 2010

Players only love you when they're playin'.

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth C. Bryan, aka LB.

You can forever Tweet cocky and crass comments.
You can give TMI in Rolling Stone and Playboy interviews.
You can break the hearts of half the brigade of American sweethearts.

And I'll ever love and defend you as a tortured artist's soul, John C. Mayer.

Tuesday's John Mayer concert here in Birmingham = phenomenal.

 In 8th grade, my bestie Katherine tossed me a mix CD of some guy popular among her brother's Furman crowd. And since the days of knee socks, Trinity plaid, and crest-emblazoned cardigans, I've never looked back. Even when Mama saw that he had a song called "Your Body Is a Wonderland" and wanted to chunk the CD out the 4Runner window. 

Tuesday, I was in heaven. Mm. Just listen to how he changes up "Half of My Heart" here. (then he slid into Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," and I pretty much had to sit down. Too perfect.)

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