February 21, 2010

Mad World: Step Sing 2010

ADPi family: Emily, Lindsay, and me. Photo courtesy of Em.

I'm back. I'm back. I'm back!

My face is wiped clean of the black bandit mask that's been keeping my perifial vision on it's toes (WHAT'S THAT!? Relax. Just some black paint that smudged, not a bug). Schoolwork shall no longer suffer as I'm donezo sneaking art history notes on Egyptian New Kingdom limestone reliefs into in Samford University's Wright Center. I can kiss free daily sugar hand-outs of Krispy Kreme, Air Heads, and Fruity Snacks adios. And I can strain my little vocal chords all I want for Lindsay Vonn. If I'm back, that means one thing: Samford Step Sing's 2010 season has taken its final bow.

You may have your SEC football. 
At Samford, we have Step Sing. 
Don't be j.

Not to be compared to your local neighborhood Greek Sing, this is how we do it behind the pearly gates of Samford. We all have signature moves, a raked stage with a painter's tape grid, and 40 hours of practice under our sequined belts. This is the stuff of champions:

Pi Kappa Phi, Sweepstakes Winner 2009

Yeah. Now you see why it kept me running back and forth (soccer team) for a month. 

This year the victory rests with Dudes-a-Plenty, but ehhh... I'll keep my lips buttoned about my opinion on that one. But I've gotta let you in on this post from my Alpha Delt sistah/fellow journalism major Brittany over at "Insert Witty Title." Hysterical, BT...

"I want to tell you a story. It's about 70-ish girls who get together for three hours a night during the month of February to sing and move around on a grid made of painter's tape. We'll call this story, "Step Sing." There are five types of girls in this tale:

1) The girls that like to correct others, especially the directors. "Uhhhhh.... WAIT! Yesterday you told us to have our right arm at a 45 degree angle. You clearly just had your hand at a 47 degree angle. I meeeean.... like.... which one do you want us to do?!"

2) The shushers. You can't miss these women. Their attempt to make everyone be quiet is usually pretty useless, because their "SHHHHHHHH"-ing is far louder--and more annoying-- than any amount of chatter.

3) The touchy-feelies. Watch out for these girls. They're sneaky. One minute you'll be having a conversation about The Bachelor, and the next minute you'll be sucked into scratching their back or braiding their hair. Not sure how, but it always happens. Best way to avoid being conned? Three words: "I have leprosy." Works every time.

4) The enthusiastic girls. These girls are the ones who actually dress up for "spirit days," whether it be hoodlum attire, their high school cheerleading uniform, or straight-up goth wear. While it may sometimes be distracting to have your neighbor's long gangster chain hit you in the face during dance moves, these girls make practices a lot more entertaining.

5) The girls who really don't know what they're doing, and usually have to be told by the younger girls where to go and what to do. These girls look forward to practices because they're interested in what snacks will be offered, and also how many times they can make inappropriate references. They usually go by the nickname of "Brittany."

Yup, I'm a #3 with Ellen, no doubt. And though the practices were loo-o-o-ng, I'm already nostalgic that I'm graduating and four years of SS flew by... Did Peter Pan figure out that "Young Forever" thing?

And you know my ever-loyal Auburn besties wouldn't miss a Step Sing show.

P.S. Yeah buddy, Chi O. This post title is ripped from your show. Can't get that song outta my head...
P.P.S. To all those concerned, ADPi brought it and we won a lotta hearts. Girls never win Step Sing though :(


  1. Oh Step Sing 2010. Ha, I still laugh when I read BT's post. ADPi 'til I die.

  2. Ash, I loved being a "3" with you! I kinda can't believe its all over! Oh well. (hair flip.)

  3. Holy. Amazingness.

    Can I have boys that sing and dance?

  4. You know you've made it big when you get a shout-out on Ashlyn's blog. Ha! Love your post.

    And I'm also feeling a little nostalgic/sad now that SS is over. But now I guess we have more time to devote to the job hunt?


  5. As a Pi Kappa Phi - I couldn't be more proud of the brothers at Samford. Holy Cow!


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