February 23, 2010

The Sooner We Fall In Love

Because the pages in my Lilly planner are all blank from after May 17...
(Lie: I wrote in birthdays, some weddings, and drew a Christmas tree on Dec. 25)
Because that was really actually thrilling until it became petrifying...
Because despite all this, the Lord shows me that persevering in His hope and falling deeper in love with Him is what he wants for me more than he wants those pages full...
This is how I feel today.

And rather than conquer the silly little life I've ironed and laid out on my bed so neatly for myself, I'd rather live this life with radical faith in the Creator of Everything. 

'Cause, come on, isn't everything a little better when it's shaken up?

p.s. True Life: My journal looks like this. My notes from class look like a first grade teacher's. Even I am confused as to why.


  1. Your handwriting seriously looks like a font.
    I want it.

  2. I had to comment on those handwriting skills - like everyone else! Love it! And, of course the message written in those pretty little letters!

  3. Haha opps. I'm just trying to be good southern girl like you, Ash!

  4. Ashlyn! I'm featuring this in my blog post today. Don't worry...I'll cite you! I absolutely love reading your blog, and your handwriting!

  5. I love your adorable blog and your handwriting! I wish my handwriting looked so artistic! :)

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