February 4, 2010

Wedding Planning 101: Some Like It Southern

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Photos courtesy of A. Bryan Photography.

So he put a ring on it, and you're over the 'constant gaze-towards-left-hand' stage and ready to start planning your wedding. We gathered a team of Birmingham's wedding experts--a wedding planner, event planner, stationery expert, and florist--to spill their tips about appropriate wedding planning 101. Being good Southern belles, we added M. Elizabeth Events etiquette expert Meghan Cease's pearls of wisdom, just look for "Meghan Says" to glean some insight!

Raised below the Mason-Dixon 
     Southern brides know there are a few things that will forever be apropos. "A good 'ole, Southern wedding is not complete without a beautiful bride's cake. Make it as big and beautiful as you can, even if you have to use dummy layers," Gamel said. This photogenic confection is typically a showpiece, so don't forget to spread a stunning tablecloth beneath the cake.
     We breed 'em beautiful down here, and we're not just talking about the girls. "When it comes to Southern flowers, gardenias and magnolias are always on the top of any Southern fashionista's list," Mandy Majerick of  
Hot House Designs said. "I also recommend Southern greens such as smilax vine and magnolia leaves for unique wreaths for doors or tabletops."
     Kathy Raughley Events specializes in French hand tied bouquets, with classic spray roses and even magnolia leaves. "It's timeless elegance, it will be in style 50 years from now.'  These would be an oh-so-Southern touch for the bride, bridesmaids, mother, and grandmothers.
     Never underestimate a monogram. "A huge trend we are seeing is for a bride to create a sort of logo for her wedding and then carry it throughout the wedding," Gillespie said. From the save the date to placecards, guest favors to even wall projects, this trend is a great way to tie together a wedding.
      Some wedding venues require a tad alteration--whether it's installing an altar or displaying antique candelabras on the dinner table. Laura Waldrip owns
 The French Market, located at 611 28th Street South. The warehouse is a treasure trove of classic antique pieces available for rental. 

Meghan Says...
Two of the greatest Southern wedding traditions are grace and family.  Be a good hostess for your guests and work creatively and fervently to bring your two families together. 


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