April 13, 2010

Frat hard.

The harmony abilities of Lady Antebellum stolen my little heart since "Love Don't Live Here." I mean, let's be honest, "Lookin' for a Good Time" hit my iPod the week before my 21st birthday. Grreeeaaaat timing. (Note to Mama: Not that I applied the song to my life so much.... That song and I had more of a holistic, sieze-the-day summertime connection. Plus I sounded reeeaal nice when the radio was blarin'.)

Anyway, as a girl who attends school where boys rip there Nantucket Reds on Thursday night and go back to the frat house to change into Nantucket Reds Pair #2 (yes, happened Thursday), where the sorority + frat term "srat" appears in my text inbox terribly often (and more often from fellas), and where there is enough Lilly Pulitzer fabric on campus to tent Rhode Island, I feel this video is appropriate.

Lady A's cover of Easton Corbin's "I'm a Little More Country Than That."
Prep style.

Because I adore this baseball-hat-wearin' country newcomer.
Because maybe I popped my collar to class last week.
And because my friend has been singing his own "I'm a Little More Fratty Than That" since Spring Break.


  1. I pop my collar more than is socially acceptable so you KNOW I am linking your page to my blog. Love it! I hope you are doing well! P.S. I bought the boyfriend his first pair of Nantucket reds a few years ago and he hasn't looked back since. A preppy conversion is what I like to call it. xxoo

  2. I just heard this today on the radio on the way to school and about died -- also thinking of the fratty boys at Auburn!

    Unfortunately, Zach just doesn't fit in to the fratty-collar-popping world... A girl can dream =)

  3. Uh have they walked at Samford?! Pretty sure that was written about some machis i know...

  4. I'm so addicted to "Need you now" right now :) This is an amazing song too!


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