April 15, 2010

Of Love and Snowglobes

"It's crazy, if you think about it. The God of the universe—the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies and E-minor—loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love."
- Frances Chan, Crazy Love
Photo courtesy of Brooke Glassford

And as at sat with two best friends under a starry Birmingham sky last night, God again whispered that it's because of that crazy love I have breath rushing into my lungs. That crazy love that reminds me while my perfect little snowglobe life is about to be whirled and shaken with graduation in exactly one month, it's Gonna. Be. Okay... 

Snowglobes always look beautiful when the flakes settle anyway.

It's okay that in a few months, I'll sorta have less friends. That's just kinda how it goes. I won't be eating and with the gabbing daily with the same 20-deep-ADPi lunch bunch, basking in the sunlight on Ben Brown Plaza, or running to intramural games at night (won't mind the absence of foul softballs, as one legit left stitch marks in my thigh before Easter). I am a huge fan of communities, and I've JUST gotten to where I appreciate this one; now I must leave. But I realized lately that it's not for my good. It's for Christ's glory that I am even granted a heartbeat. It's His world, I'm just fortunately living in it :) 

But at the same time, He promised me and you and everyone who loves Him that He will do ANYTHING for me. That anything I screw over or fumble-on-the-play He can right. That his love for me and His church is bigger than a groom gawking at his bride, bigger than a mother for her child, bigger than the mystery of the Milky Way, and bigger than the plane-ride intensive schedule I'll be cruising next year. Though the world tells me a year by myself on the road may shatter the relationships I've built, I have reason to trust another tale.

So I know I'll be okay regardless of the path I choose. It's like Mama recently told me--God's will is more like a playing field for which He says, "I love you. Here's the rulebook. Now go get 'em like I taught you, tiger."

Roar. I'm ready.

**Brooklyn, I'll stop stealing your pictures someday. You're just so dang good. 
Dear everyone, please pay her to take pictures, she's amazing. Love, Ashlyn.


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