August 5, 2009

Bottling the South

Yet a
gain the low country seeps in and steals my heart. Latest culprit? Low Country Luxe, an eco-friendly, gorgeous line of candles crafted by Southern hands. Making my LCL crush even stronger, my friend Amy at MyScoop told me that not only do they smell divine, but leave no grimy soot around the pristine glass edges. Cleaner burning is a result of the soy-based product.

Monikers like High Cotton, Gullah, Spanish Moss, and Charleston dance around the edges of the exquisitely packaged candles. Safe to say I've pretty much designated a spot on my desk for a LCL candle. And in the kitchen. And on the coffee table. And I'm kindasorta plotting how to illegally smuggle a candle into the sorority dorm (Just kidding Samford.)

Everyone from Southern Accents to Coastal Living (shout-out to Southern Progress pulications) and Oprah Magazine to InStyle Home gives the candles a stamp of approval. Take a gander at their website--Do they win yours? Find retailers near your nest.

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