August 3, 2009

Southern Wedding Magazine

At the risk of being overtly girly, I must say that Southern Wedding Magazine is a pretty fun deviation from checking email, devouring newspapers online, Facebooking, and writing yet another story on Microsoft Word.

Wooden Horse Magazine Database is a great source for publication news (heads up, fellow journalism nerds). Here's what they had to say about Southern Weddings Magazine:

April 22, 2009 - SOUTHERN WEDDINGS positions itself to be the ultimate resource for the savvy modern Southern bride, who wants to take age-old traditions and make them her own. The bi-annual launched in January 2009 and it distributed US-wide with emphasis on the South. Lara Casey is the editor-in-chief and their website can be found at

By nature, I haven't been the type to plan out my wedding since age 10, but this kindamaybesorta makes me consider starting.
Photo courtesy of Southern Wedding Magazine

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