August 10, 2009

Bromberg's: The Perfume Diaries

On my dresser in a monogrammed tray, no less than eight perfume bottles stand like a skyline of personalities. Out my door, down the street, and after one left turn, a selection of dazzling perfumes similarly stands proudly, guarded by another perfume aficionado.

Nestled in Mountain Brook Village is an art deco building known statewide as one of Alabama’s finest luxury brand since it’s 1836 founding. Now at Bromberg's, tucked alongside the glittering diamonds and pristine china patterns is a new endeavor for the store: Eight women’s scents and five men’s scents dance behind glass cases, all hand-selected by Bromberg’s consultant Howard Koch.

“Fragrance is a fulfillment of wishes and dreams,” Howard said. “We already fulfill dreams of couples, so this is a natural addition.” Yes, I nodded in understanding with glazed-eyes. This makes perfect sense indeed...

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