January 28, 2010

Girl crush.

Oh girl, you be lookin' so good. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Usually, TV's not really my "thing." (Check that--news or CMT or Gossip Girl, I watch.) However, this past summer, dear Sloanie coaxed me in to my first screening of The Bachelor, and BAM--I was hooked. Between the drama, eye-rolling cheesiness, ballin' dream dates, and guys that just KEEP taking their shirts off, it makes for good 'ole TV.

You can bet I'm not missing an episode of The Bachelor this season. 

And while Jake totally has more whiny girl moments than me (I'll take my fellas a tad scruffy, thankyouverymuch), someone has caught my eye: Precious Corrie Adamson, the Auburn grad/stylist that has glided into the top 5 is just so adorable!

And get this--girl's got a blog. So if like me, your budget doesn't allow for Ms. Adamson to raid your closet (lemme graduate first), we can glean some stylish insight.

And that deserves a big War Eagle, Hey.


  1. Corrie is precious! I had no idea she was an Auburn girl!

  2. She's one of my favs! I, too, didn't know she was an Auburn Gal - all the more reason to root her on!

  3. She is totally my girl crush too. I think she is so cute and I love her style :)

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