June 6, 2011

Extra bright, I want y'all to see this.

Can I haaaaaad it? Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

I have a second big announcement:

Post-Alpha Dee Grand Convention in Pheonix in dos weeks, the LC's are taking our much-needed celebratory vacay together--after what I think will always stand as one of the most trying years of my life. SB11 side-by-side didn't happen, and seeing that we're obsessed with one another, a last shebang NOT around a place-of-business (aka The ADPi Srat Castle) was in order.

The southwestern desert.
7 girls.
All of age.

Ya follow me?

Photo courtesy of We Heart It.

That's right. Vegas, baby. Which I have begun calling  Ve-has in my head for fun. Megan's the resident blonde--I mean, Southwestern expert--so of course, she knows Vegas. We're only doing 2 nights, and we've staked claim to some DEALS. Let it be said: It helps to be a member of a 215,000-strong organization.

We also have geniusly purchased a veil and "I'm the Bachelorette" sash to trade wearing while hoppin' town. Good gracious. You'd think we never got any attention in our whole lives...

All I wanna wear? Bright, shiny sparkly stuff. Clearly, if you know me, I don't jam a lot of sequins on the reg. But Megan has told me I need "Vegas clothes and shoes." Examples:

I think this outfit is glorious.

I think this jacket with a little black dress rules. Photo courtesy of We Heart It.

And I think these shoes are ballin'. Photo courtesy of I Spy DIY.

Well, because tigers hate pepper and love cinnamon, and I love tigers, lehsgo buy a Vegas dress, y'all.


  1. this is amazing. the first dress? can i have that? yes please!

  2. You'll want to bring along a significant sparkler to trade, too. Much more fun for the faux bride-to-be if she has something ridiculous to show-and-tell with an enviable story of the future bridegroom's family business/ proposal orcheastration/ island off the coast of Africa. Have fun!

  3. Love that song...Love the new header...have fun in Vegas!!!

  4. Mademoiselle MichaelJune 7, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Have fun!! I used to live in "the Vegas" and loved every minute of it. Anything that glitters or sparkles is always appropriate:) Let me know if you need any recommendations on where to go!! MademoiselleMichael

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