June 1, 2011

You get a line, I'll get a pole.

We've had that Igloo cooler seriously as long as I can think back.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Daddy grabbed his two most beautifully stunning favorite dates--Mama and me--loaded the truck, and headed down to the "farm" as we call it. Cows and chickens don't live there or anything, just pretty Alabama huntin' and fishin' land that passes through the Stallings family.

I LOVE the farm.
And Daddy and Mama, I know y'all will read this probably today.
And you've been askin' for the pictures.
So here they are.
p.s. I. Love. You.

Part of the pond, where our Christmas tree and half the neighbors' trees are recycled every year for the fishies. Don't ask.

Have you heard that song "She Thinks We're Just Fishing?" The (lil' sappy in a good way) country song? Dad and I love that song because he says it reminds him of taking Kristen and me down to our land during the days of Keds and floppy hairbows.

I mean, the little girl in the song talks about ballet and kittens. Hello, kindergardener-Ashlyn.

I digress. Anyway, we needed this:

And then these started flinging themselves into the boat! Crazy fish.

Hewwo, wittle bwim.

It's ok. You can laugh at DRS III's hat. We all do.

And that bass really was big. He's like, 7 pounds, you just can't see because he's turned sideways... Promise.

'Twas a fun trip. I love those lands. And this time at home sure is sweet. Thank you, Jesus!

Blog post title: "Boondocks" by Little Big Town.


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