June 4, 2011

Look at me now.

You followed as I trekked to 30 campuses and 24 states.
Now, in less than a month, I'll be moving to this state:

 Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
To live with this kid:

Emily, another 2010-2011 LC, precious sister in Christ, and henceforth to be known as ROOOOOOMS!

...and start as Director of Marketing and Communications in this office:

Photo courtesy of Georgia Historical Markers.

It's funny, ya know--posts I've written this on the road whole year show a thematic repetitiveness: security, patience, security, patience, security, patience. If you successfully passed pre-K and made macaroni patterns, ya see what I mean.

The thing is, I letcha know last week how our Father is leading me through some desert lands lately. But wanna know what a quiet little voice in my heart whispered? "Ash. When you get a job, this will feel better. It'll go away." And Deut. 8:14 ("then your heart will become proud and you will forget the Lord your God") reveberated, because I'd have this awesome job, right? And I just couldn't forget about living off manna for months, right?

Yeah. Wrong.

The minute I decided to pick this job--which is a blessing beyond words--I clicked "end call." Tears rolled down my cheeks. Satan got goin': "Wrong decision, Ashlyn/You've limited yourself./You really wanna break into the Atlanta media world now? Ha./You shoulda picked the other one./Blahblahblah." Now, I see it was that liar talking. I didn't at the time.

But here's the thing.

I thought that almighty j-o-b held cure-power. Thought I'd regain confidence battered through the job search. Thought I'd be at peace with a "Yes ma'am, I decided I'll take it."

Instead, through those tears, ha--I heard You, Lord. Heard ya loud and clear alright:
"Ashlyn Stallings. When did I ever say you'll find peace in this world apart from Me? When did I ever tell you true security stemmed from anything but ME?"

Oh, I said. Ohhhhhhhh. (Cue sheepish smile looking up at Him.) "Um, well, ha, God, You actually tell me the opposite. In YOU I have peace. Confidence. Security. In YOU I boast and have life and move and breathe."

I'm better now. But just more in awe of my Lord and Savior. Who continues to see the value in teaching one (one out of 6 billion, b-t-dubs) of His children that she's gotta trust her Rock through the desert, and through the promised lands. As I jump off this cliff, move to the "big city," and live on my own, I'm in His hands. Still under those wings. Praise God.

So here I come, Peach State! Between Atlanta-based ballet camps growing up, good people, and a certain lil' house on Ponce, Georgia's claimed second place to Alabama for a while in my heart. I can't wait to call it home. Plus, two girls that since age 18 have only known private school dorms, sorority houses, and suitcases? Well, that could be interesting! 

You just stay put, sweet friend, as we attempt to cook. 
Make a home.
Put those DIY and cooking Pinterest tags to use!
And of course, explore our new city of ATL. 

Thus now starts the next chapter in this little blog's life:
Miss Magnolia makes the move.

Oh boy!

Blog post title: "Look at Me Now" by Chris Brown. Except you have to watch this version, with Justin Bieber and Chris. It's sick. Thanks, Bec. :)


  1. Trust in the lord. Don't be afraid! Though it seems like you're not ;-)

  2. im so proud of you. im so excited. more of my favorite people to see when i come to visit. love you.

  3. Congratulations, Ashlyn! You will be great at your new job, and yes, we have to trust in him.
    Have fun starting this new phase of your life.

  4. Ahhhh! I am so excited for you, Ash! You and Em and will have such an amazing time as Rooms! :) Luhhhh it and you!

  5. Ashlyn - We don't know each other so I feel like a MAJOR stalker in posting this ... butt here goes. I've been following your blog all year. I can't even remember how I found it, but I think from like a friend of a friend of a friend ... you know how it goes! Anyway. I added you to Google Reader and the rest is history.

    I can't even thank you enough for this post. I literally just accepted a new job yesterday and boy has satan gone to work in the last few days. "what are you thinking? you make the wrong choice/ you should have waited" and on and on and on. My decision also involves a major move from DC to Birmingham ... which is very exciting but also so very scary. Your post really encouraged me and reminded me that my trust and peace and security should only come from Him alone and nothing else. Also, one thing that He's really convicted me of is that when I let Satan convince me that this as a limiting opportunity, it's like I'm putting God in a box. He can do anything to fulfill His purpose for my life .. even if it seems like this is a step out of the mainstream, etc. So I hope that encourages you, too. I've been quoting Psalm 138:8 NLT over and over to myself - look it up. God is so faithful! This got really long ... SORRY! Can't wait to follow your journey to ATL!

  6. Yay! Congrats, girlie! Ya know marketing's my soft spot, so I'm even more excited! You've got this! And, more importantly, you've got Him, so you can conquer anything.
    Proud of ya!

  7. Congrats girl! Can't wait to follow your new adventures!! LnL

  8. Congratulations on the job! That's so exciting and such a wonderful opportunity to work for an organization that you clearly love so deeply and help it grow and develop so that so many more women's lives will be affected by a strong sisterhood! I can't wait to read about your adventures in the transition from leadership consultant traveling all the time to working in one location and growing roots in ATL. Congratulations again!

  9. You will be living right outside my hometown! :) Good luck and congratulations! :)

  10. Just came upon your blog recently and I must say every post inspires me! I don't put enough trust in God, but you always remind me that I need to!

    Congratulations on the new job, and I can't wait to read about your new adventures in Atlanta!

  11. Congratulations! Ashlyn from a relatively new Georgian (we moved to Ga 5 years ago)...I've enjoyed reading your blog about ADPi now for almost a year ever since my daughter "joined" (not sure that's the right word) ADPi at Georgia Tech. I hope you love Atlanta...I just might stop in to say Hi next time we're up that way! (BTW my daughter has read your blog and now she wants to be an ADPi rep in a few years.)
    Sandy in Columbus

  12. Congratulations!! I've enjoyed following your blog this year and look forward to hearing about your adventures in ATL!

    (P.S. I had the exact same response once I accepted my job. Bawling. It took about 50 deep breaths, a phone call (or 5) to mama and a lotta praying to realize I'd made the right decision.)

  13. Ashlyn, I'm an ADPi from the University of Michigan and I'll be interning at EO next summer - I love following your blog and I just HAD to say congrats!! You sound like you'll be a wonderful fit for the position, and I can't wait to read all about it (and meet ya down there next May)! Pi Love :)

  14. Yeah! It's time for you to rock some Peach State Pride too! Don't worry, we'll be giving away some for free this summer.

    Anyways, good luck in Georgia. If you're interested in dance still, our contributor Andrea dances professionally for the Atlanta dance company, Sideways. They will be performing at 7 Stages, a couple of blocks down the street from the ADPi house on Ponce. It should be great!

  15. Congrats Ashlyn! I've loved following your ADPi adventures this year, and I'm happy to hear that you're taking the job at EO! I've been meaning to make a trip down that way, and maybe this next year I'll have to make sure to stop in!

    I moved to NYC after graduating last year and was so filled with doubts and fear to walk into this new world, new life, choosing one career over another. But don't worry - God always takes us where we need to go. I'm sure you'll do great in ATL in the marketing position!

  16. Super excited for you Ashlyn!! What a great lesson to remember. Enjoy living in the A-T-L! So great to watch you move on to the next step. I have had similar feelings lately since my recent move to Nashville but I know that I just have to keep trusting in Him.

  17. Congratulations!! I just moved to Georgia myself this weekend!! It's such a strange feeling, going from your comfy home and family and a town where everyone knows you, to a big city where NO ONE knows you and you realize how many opportunities and dangers are ahead! Your blog has been SOO encouraging to me, especially this post. Awesome to be reminded that we are NEVER alone, no matter how alone we feel! Can't wait to see where He leads you!

  18. haha just saw this! Move-in day will be here before you know it, eek! Get ready for dance parties and experiments in cooking :)

  19. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!! I am so excited you are coming to Atlanta!!!

  20. Ashlyn! I'm so excited for you! It is so scary making these decisions but I know that as long as you pray about it, God will direct you to the right one. We will have to meet up during one of my trips back to the Peach state (sigh, I miss it!). Can't wait to see what else God has in store for you!!!

  21. Congratulations airport friend! So excited for you :)

  22. Long time reader, first time poster.
    Congratulations. I can't wait to hear about all the developments in the land of Azure Blue and White. As a very happy ADPi Alumna, I cannot wait to see and hear about all the exciting projects you will embark upon for our sisterhood. I think this is a job that will challenge you to use all your many creative talents. I'm also expecting very cute pictures of the new apartment!
    Enjoy all that the Lord is putting in front of you.

    Psalm 100

    A psalm. For giving thanks.

    1Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.

    2Worship the Lord with gladness;

    come before him with joyful songs.

    3Know that the Lord is God.

    It is he who made us, and we are hia;

    we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

    4Enter his gates with thanksgiving

    and his courts with praise;

    give thanks to him and praise his name.

    5For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;

    his faithfulness continues through all generations.

  23. CONGRATS, SISTER!!! Let me know if you want suggestions for adult dance studios!! Atlanta has a GREAT dance scene!! So excited for you!!!! Enjoy this time!

  24. Ashlyn who knew you were such a writer?! This post was very encouraging as I also feel these same things. Thank you for reminding me that my security rests in Christ and not a job or anything else. See you soon Atlanta friend! Get ready for this city to rock your world because it is AWESOME!


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