June 17, 2011

Singin' songs about the Southland.

There is a second craft I should tell you about. Again, Pinterest, you just offer the most divine inspiration for projecting about the house.

I spied this 'lil beauty...

...and was sold. I think it's supposed to be, like, "the husband is from Louisiana and the wifey hails from Arizona! So CUTE!" or something. Not mine.  Naturally, my version of the project would hence be a shoutout to the Heart of Dixie and my new home of Hotlantaaaaaaaa.

You need:
+ a pair of scissors
+ white cardstock
+ a computer and printer
+ a pencil
+  red cardstock OR heart stickers. But don't wimp out and go the sticker route. Paper is prettier.

1. Print out two state maps and cut 'em out.

2. Place BACKWARDS on your cardstock to trace. Did you hear that? Backwards. No one likes a stray pencil mark. Stray pencil marks are for amateurs. Now cut those guys out.

3. In keeping with the exciting theme of my new room "grey and linen and white and wood," I opted to paint the matting and cardstock two shades of grey.

Alabama was the sacrificial lamb and during the disaster got splattered. So I had to cut out a new one. 

At this point, a Brownie (Ellis, the untamed little wild puppy beast) came running in and tromped her unproportional paws directly in the paint. Boykin Spaniels were bred with Chesapeake Bay Retriever blood, so their paws are big 'ole swimmin' paws. Which look awfully cute in paint and trotting around the kitchen--NOT.

At last, Ellis was captured and cleaned, and I finished my masterpiece. No Brownies were harmed in the creation of this art. Yay for the new room!

Blog post title: "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynard Skynard. Dear goodness, I hope that wasn't news to you though. You'd never win "Name That Song" with Rush Stallings.


  1. This is such a cute little craft! Hope you're enjoying my lovely Peach State! :)

  2. I have this pinned too :) I'm planning on making one with TN + GA for my husband & me to hang in our 1/2 bath.

  3. These are too cute! I can't tell you how I'm tempted to make these for myself- same states and all :)

  4. I cannot WAIT to make this exact post -- for my Alabama heart and my sweet Georgia boy =) Love you and can't wait you to move to my new home city. Although be careful who you say "Hotlanta" to!! =)

  5. Presh!! I had two friends (both from Florida) who were recently married & I made them a state map with a heart in the city they met - Tallahassee. Love the idea with 2 states though!


  6. Cute cute cute... I might just have to do this for me and my hub... Me from TN (God's Country) and him fron HOTLANTA!


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