June 20, 2011

I went from Pheonix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Didn't think it 'twas ever gonna happen. Then it hit me the other day, driving up the driveway and singing really loud Justin Bieber cool music like Angus and Julia: I miss flying. Traveling. JETSETTING.


What's a girl to do?

Board a Delta flight to da desert, that's what! Today I depart my sultry, South-uhn, heart-blessin' world down here and join 600+ other Alpha Delta Pi's at our 160th Grand Convention! A few very exciting things will happen:

1. Leadership Consultant reunitation. It's been 3 weeks. Which is too long.
2. Voting on welp, just about a whole new Grand Council.
3. Extremely limited sleep/free time for those of us runnin' the joint. Welcome back to LC livin', Ashlyn! Welcome. Back.
4. Seeing all my precious collegians. I CANNOT WAIT TO HUG YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!
5. OD'ing on Lilly Pulitzer, lions and diamonds and violets, oh my.

The Arizona Biltmore. Of course, a sorority function would be at a fancy resort and spa that was loved by Marilyn Monroe and every American pres but Obama (No really. I'm not being political. He hasn't been yet.).

And then 6 consultant seesters will transport their exhausted little Pi-tastic selves to the shining jewelbox of Sin City. To layout like it's our jobs.

Weird. In one week, I'll officially not be a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi...


Oh well. LET'S GO TO ARIZONA AND SEE WHAT A DESERT LOOKS LIKE! Did you know Auburn won the 2010 National Championship in Arizona? Just wonderin...


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