June 17, 2011

Yardwork. Just kidding.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn.

My darling seester is always the first to remind me: "Ashlyn. Update your blog." Two days later: "You know people stop reading people when they quit updating their blog?"

My, my. So subliminal in your messaging, Kristen.

Pardon my hiatus, but I've just been so ultra crafty/homemakery in preparation for The Move. We're talkin', I squealed over a Le Crueset cookware present yesterday. I'm even girlier than I thought. Anyway, the Stallings homestead is a sight, I tell ya, what with two girlies getting their first apartments and all!

I wanna show you my latest project. My first garden.

Well, kinda.

It started with a rainy Montgomery afternoon today and 4 herbs. Their names are Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, and Mint:

And quatro terracotta pots:

The delicate herbs made the potentially traumatizing trip from the biodegradable containers into their new abodes, which we have documented all thanks to Kristen:

Doesn't it feel good to get dirt under your nails? Even if those nails are a painted Birthday Blue (a.k.a. Essie "Lapis"). Of course, the Brownies had to investigate:

AHH! WAY too close, Ellis. Way too close. I promise she's a presh-pot, but I mean, who looks adorable in the soaking rain? It's okay, wittle Ella-bella. Everyone's hair gets curly in the rain.

I digress. Next, I painted the pots with chalkboard paint puchased at Wally World. I would like to note that skin should always be the same color as terracotta. A tan just makes my whole entire summer.

And there they are! Chalk isn't allowed to touch them 'til Sunday so maximum dry-time is reached. But I love them. I've always grown up with a garden in the backyard, with Mama tellin' us to "go pick some rosemary for tonight" or fresh basil for topping a yummy Southern tomato sandwich. OBVIE, making the move to Atlanta without fresh herbs for Em and I to cook with would just not be right.

One day, they will live like this  in a wine box on our back porch.
Anyone gotta spare wine box? :)

Photo courtesy of HipHostess.


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