July 31, 2010

Being Still and Knowing

Photo courtesy of Bippity Boppity Boo. Which is crack. I'm newly obsessed.

It's hard to not get swallowed up by something when you're living in its epicenter.
To fight to remember the reason I'm even placed on earth.
It's like going against the odds.
I adore living here, I really do. With history and stories woven into everything and with training that has already made me a stronger, tougher, smarter woman (at least I hope). I'm having wisdom poured into me day in and out as I learn how to empower women and inspire self-confidence.  But this phenomenal organization is a WAY of life. It is not my life.

And I'm fighting so hard to remember that. So hard.

I kinda love it when my sister (blood, not sorority) smiles and rolls her eyes when I gush about my job. When I talk to friends and they don't even bring up ADPi. When mama breezes over any Greek life conversation I had in mind to tell me how my family is and what the dogs did today. In fact, that's more like it. Pull me down to earth. Dear family and friends, keep it up. Love, me.

So I've found a room here. It has large bay windows across the back that gaze out onto a green-draped second-story snapshot of Druid Hills. Without my BFF's across town, without a home church, and without my mama, daddy, and sister under the same roof, it can get shaky. Somedays (Okay. Whatever. Most days.) I just want a hug from someone that knows ME. But then I look out this window and it's like looking into God's face. And He knows me.

Steady, loyal oaks. A calm, expansive sky. The occasional cardinal.
Hey, God :)

Who am I to blow against the wind? To doubt, to question, to sigh at Him? To ever get caught up in anything besides His beauty? And now I'm excited to see what His face looks like under an Athens sky, a Nebraska landscape, and a sleepy rivertown in Pennsylvania...

"For my thoughts are NOT your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,
declares the Lord.
As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:8-9

Oh yeah.


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