July 15, 2010

Confessions of a Professional Sorority Girl

Yeah, right. If only. Photo courtesy of SBS Film/Legally Blonde.

Well y'all, it's go time. I leave in 5 days to start this crazy adventure as a traveling leadership consultant. So I wanted to take some time to explain why exactly I took this job. Why I'm working for a sorority. Cause I've heard it all, and I honestly poke fun at it myself most days:

    "So this makes you like, a professional sorority girl, right?"
    "You majored in sorority! Way to buck the higher educational system!"
    "&^%$, you're working for nationals? Dang, Ash. We hated that guy." - Frat Star
    "Wow. (eyebrows raised) You sure had fun in college, huh?" - Kind Church Pew Neighbor

Given the above skepticism, this how the 2009-2010 LC class instructed dealing with my friendly aisle buddy aboard a Boeing:
New Buddy: So, what line of work are you in?"
Me, flashing my million-dollar smile: "Oh, I'm in counsulting."
NB: "Really? What kind of consulting?"
Me: "You know, recruiting, retention, marketing, leadership services, financial needs..."
NB: "Oh, okay. Now what's the company?"
Me: "Well um, it's a non-profit women's organization based in Atlanta, Ga."
NB: "I meant like, what's the name of it...?"

'Cause otherwise, you'll lose 'em at "sorority." Dang Animal HouseLegally Blonde. Old School.

Old LC's passing the torch to us newbies.

So as journalism opportunities bloomed left and right in this ravishing job market NOT, I jumped at the opportunity to give back to ADPi. To get paid to jetset/sightsee. To grow up 3 years time in 9 months. To see if there's life on the other side of the Mississippi River. To plug my ears and turn my back to the looming world of corporate cubicles. To pretend I'm sorta-kinda still in college. To share Jesus as often as possible. <--this is the biggest reason I said yes to God's whole crazy idea about doing this. He had me on that one. So I said yes.

New LC class: It was love, and it bloomed quickly. Emily, Regan, Lori, Me, Megan, Jenni, Mary Kathryn

And yes, it absolutely scares me to death. I worry about getting lost, misplacing important things (um, have you met me?), navigating airport ALONE every 5 days, feeling kinda alone, and wreaking havoc on important relationships. That's the big one. No one's really sure about the cost of upkeep on a friendship when you don't exactly know when you'll see that girl again. Dear everyone: Yes, ha, I realize I'm the one potentially straining our friendship these days. :) Chyeah, you bet I'm leary.

But then God looks at me and says, "Hey, sunshine. (That's what God calls me. Not 'peanut,' like some of my friends think is a good nickname for me. They ignore it when I suggest 'sunshine' so I'll let God call me that.) No. Quit it--Stop worrying. Didn't I tell you "who of you in worrying can add another hour to her life?" The point of your life is Me, not you, remember? There's a glory of it all. That's me. I am going to pull you through a lot this year--hang on. Take my hand, we'll make it I swear. And hey, those friendships? Not to fret. I'm looking at the other side of this year and you'll eventually love what I work out, baby girl."

Hello, Hartsfield-Jackson. Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are our future home?

So here we go. Now to negotiate with that empty 3 piece Heys luggage set on the other side of my room that are staring at me. I'll pack tomorrow.


  1. Good luck! I can't wait to see how this year is for you! Make sure you rack up the sky miles!!!

  2. Wow! That is awesome that you are following God willingly knowing that He has something that you'll love doing, (isn't this what we all should be doing?). I wish you the best in your journey ahead.
    God Bless,

  3. This made me tear up Peanut. Yes, Sunshine is a perfect nickname for God to call you... Peanut is for me. I cannot wait to see how God is working in your life. It's going to be so awesome to hear the stories of who you get to meet and invest in. Don't you worry, I will be here for the entire journey, through the laughter, the tears and all the memories in between. I love you Peanut.

  4. Love this and you! 5 more days until this once in a lifetime experience begins...and don't worry I've been putting off packing too! <3

  5. I am so excited for an Auburn meetup sometime in the future.. Over the last seven months of reading your blog, I have come to admire you so much as a person, that reading about your relationship with God encourages me to strengthen mine. You are going to have the best time over the next year, and I am so excited to hear about it.

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  7. Um, ditto everything you wrote in this post? Totally going through the same thing, Ashlyn. I keep repeating to myself, "God is sovereign. God is sovereign. There IS a plan." I'll miss our Facebook messaging while you are a busy bee! Keep us updated!

    I'm praying for you sweet girl!

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