July 10, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Re-Lilly.

 Photo courtesy of The Preppy Princess.

Between my sister Kristen and me, we could potentially outfit a 2nd grade class with all the obnoxiously bright, punchy, pink-and-green cloth that is strewn across the Stallings' upstairs chambers.

Truth: Lilly prints can err on the juvenile side. (Case in point: I have a skort that I wear on the reg; my BFF Melissa calls it my 4-year-old skort. Thank you, Mel. At least I can do cartwheels in it, hence the genius of skorts.)
Yes: I realize the brand can offer some of the least seductive articles of clothing for luring boys.

But I do not care. This oh-we-should-monogram-that minded, slightly preppy, girl--raised in the sweltering South--sees Lilly and lunges. SO. The other day, Kristen pulls me over to Facebook and points to the screen. And then I met Re-Lilly. Oh dear.
The Re-Lilly Facebook page essentially offers Lilly lovers a spot to buy and sell pieces in excellent condition--and at cut-rate prices. Basically, you post photos of whatcha want to sell and then other fans of the page email the owners to claim their bounty. Think eBay. For those of us that pride ourselves on gettin' a deal, it's genius.

So I warned you. Beware the potentially to add the page to your iPhone Facebook app favorites so you can check for new postings when boredom strikes. Puh-leese. Not like I'd know about that or anything...

B-T-dubs, this is Kristen. She's cute and I love her. Photo courtesy of Brooke Glassford.


  1. I adore lilly but I have to be careful with what items of hers I wear because with certain things I can look like a little girl :P

  2. I love Re-Lilly! (Of course my wallet may not agree, LOL!) It really is genius. And believe it or not some guys (particularly those raised in certain parts of the country) happen to like Lilly. My husband is a fan, which helps when I go a little overboard in my purchasing. ;)

  3. I just found your blog and this post and I am so flattered that you wrote about Re-Lilly! I created the Re-Lilly Facebook page :)

    xox Sue


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