July 26, 2010

Of Yellow Jackets and Huskers...

Friday, our adorable boss Annie waltzed into the training room with 7 sheets of paper in hand. You would have thought Oscar nominations were going out from our grins and squeals (Well, for those of us that are sopranos. I don't squeal.)

Our August visit schedule has arrived!

Drumroll, please: Here are my first three visits, in order of future appearance:

1. Georgia Tech, Zeta Omicron chapter
Atlanta, Ga.
I won't lie, I'm kinda pumped for three more days here in the ATL.

2. University of Nebraska, Alpha Epsilon chapter
Lincoln, Ne.
YES!!! My first time to cross the mighty Mississip' is upon us. I even Googled "Nebraska" the other day for visual imagery. Flat farmland? Yup. This little Alabama girl's gonna feel right at home. Dad's already requested his Huskers shirt. Anyone else?

3. Bucknell University, Theta Iota chapter
Lewisburg, Pa.
I know nothing about Pennsylvania. I know nothing about Bucknell. Yay!

For the most part, until September comes to pass we will be doing recruitment visits.

Yes, I said it: RECRUITMENT. Not "rush." I fill the spot as the delinquent ADPi consultant that slips out "rush" more times that I say "recruitment," the official Panhellenic title. Can't help it. I grew up in an old Southern town where mothers and grandmothers obsess over grooming their younglings for a week of sundresses and ice water--I've heard the word my whole life. But I'm workin' on it. As my Province Director used to fuss at me on the phone, "(Sigh.) Ashlyn, I'll just never get you Deep South chapters to get the hang of it."

So let's see if taking me out of the
dirrrty South makes me a more politically correct ADPi.

Know anything about these universities and their respective towns?


  1. hi ashlyn! it seems like you are having a fabulous summer with ADPi. i'm jealous!! wish i was doing more writing/advocating/publicity work in my new job. oh well, i'll get there! anyway, bucknell univ is a great school, even though it's in the middle of nowhere in PA. are you going to the new england area at all? i think you would love it! have fun! xx

  2. Fun! Hope you're enjoying ATL! And I never could pick up the term recruitment either! I always said "rush" during my time as a Pi Chi.

  3. I know something about one of the universities -- Georgia Tech is in Atlanta, where your cousin lives and is dying to see you!! =)

  4. Have fun in Atlanta!!! Georgia is a great place to be!

  5. Lincoln is supposed to be a FANTASTIC town, sort of a great mix between a good mid-sized city and a small-feel college town. I think you'll like it, especially since you don't have to go there in the dead of winter :) have fun!


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