July 26, 2010

Find a high on Peachtree Street

(Yes, I did just give two John Mayer lyrics for blog titles back-to-back. Also, I do not endore drugs. It's just a good line.)

Anyway--I just feel the need to declare
how much I love Atlanta.

Obviously, over here in Sorority Academy, we're in ADPi 101 class most hours of the day. Which makes new-city exploration difficult. But we've managed a few outings, because sometimes (hair flip, hair flip) you just gotta get outta the mansion. Am I right or am I right??

1. Murphy's, Virginia Highlands: Crab cakes and a glass of chardonnay with Mama before she dropped me off at my First Post-College Job? Apprehension cured.
2. Twist, Buckhead (Devoted readers already know I went here.)
3. Pozole, Virginia Highlands: After our first long day, we walked down Ponce sidewalks and onto the porch of Poloze. Again it is proved: Mexican is my hands down favorite food genre. And their famous mango margaritas have finite reason to be famed.

Lori, me and Emily at Pozole

4. Neighbor's, Virginia Highlands: We'll be back. That's all I'm sayin'.
5. Cafe Intermezzo, Brookwood: They had me at the dark hardwood floors and walls plastered in art. It's like my future house. Except my house will have lion-y things strategically placed. Until my darling husband catches on and asks me to chill and lock up the ADPi-ness.
6. Front Page News, Little Five Points: Sometimes, you just need a sports bar with 92 televisions turned to various ESPNs. Especially when you miss testoterone. At least I've found a cure for when I'm getting keyed up from being around sorority women 24/7 this year: "Ladies, take me to a sports bar tonight."

The sign? It stands for "If I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink." When you ask the waiter and he answers you, don't argue with him for 5 minutes that you would never buy him a drink anyway. Oops. Told you I have blonde moments.

9. Pinkberry, Buckhead: That nationwide obession? I get it now.
8. Treehouse, Buckhead: Treated by the most wonderful new friend. You know who you are :)

Tagged: Emily, Me, and our stir fry.

And then sometimes we cook. Which means singing/dancing party in the ADPi headquarters kitchen, duh. Regardless, whatever table the 7 of us are sitting around, there's a lot of laughter. Especially when while cooking, you set off the security alarm for ADPi International Headquarters and the ATL po-po have to drop in for a visit. Whoopsadaisy.

False advertising. At this point in my life, I do not consume meat products.
And we're taking suggestions! Where else should be on our Atlanta list? We want to feel cool and earn more FourSquare badges. At least Megan does. (kidding, I love you, Blondie.)

Shawty wanna break my bank:*
I'm runnin' up a tab on you, ATL.

*"Break My Bank" by Iyaz. A Memorial Headquarters bunk room theme song, thanks to Emily.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. V, can I just say how much I enjoy your blog!! <3 you!

  3. Um, so when can we go to these cool places Peanut? I miss you. Glad to see y'all are having an awesome time! Love you!!

  4. I just DON'T think you can get any cuter...

  5. Ashlyn!! I love love love reading your blog. I am so excited you are experiencing the many excitements of the ATL. I especially loved this list of restaurants (seeing as I am OBSESSED with eating in Atlanta...nom nom). I hope you continue to have amazing times!

  6. You have found some of ATL's great places already! I also highly recommend Tin Lizzy's in Buckhead for some great tacos and margaritas!


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