July 11, 2010

Same Kind of Different as Me.

"You loved me for who I was on the inside,
the person God meant for me to be, the one that had just gotten lost for a while on some ugly roads of life."
- Denver Moore, "Same Kind of Different As Me"

I think a lot of people cried when they read that book. I'm not a huge crier, but if I were reading that part out loud, my voice would have started that dang shaking thing it does in lieu of sending emotion out tear ducts.

I am desperate to learn to love people like that.

Denver in his broken, Louisiana dialect said it perfectly. We're a race commanded to love and see people through God's eyes. And I don't mean a "love" feeling. I mean the action brand of love.

I know I'm a fan of long shots and lost causes, and I have the potential to be too trusting. But how can we give up on people when we serve a Lord who relentlessly seeks us despite what we've done to him?

I just don't think I can ever give up on anyone. Especially after finishing that book. I know I was late to the game. But everyone should read it.

And then we should love blindly.


  1. Ashlyn, this is my absolute favorite book! It's been a little while since I've read it, but how could I forget it's moving message?? Beautiful.

    Oh and PS- I cried like a baby.

  2. I just came across your blog tonight and started reading. Love this post. I boo-hooed my eyes out while reading that book. This post is beautiful, and so true. Can't wait to keep reading! And we're fellow Southerners...just graduated from Ole Miss. :)



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