May 28, 2011

Raised on the ways and gentle kindness of a small-town Southern man.

Oh, heyyyyyy. Photo courtesy of Bearings.

This is what happens in my head when I walk past the men's clothing section:

"Oh. My. Gosh. That shirt is so freakin' attractive. I just wanna look for a minute..."
"Really, Ashlyn? Why? You do not have a boyfriend. A brother. Your father does not need that."
"But it's so pretty. Five minutes. Ahhhh--LOOK AT THAT ONE! And those bowties! Hot. I'm melting."
"Yeah. You still don't need to waste time. Have you run yet today? You should probably go run now."

I mean, classic girl: I see clothes that would look good on a handsome guy and my mind starts clicking--these pants, that shirt, with some perfect driving mocs and we in bidness.

Thus when I got tipped of to Bearings, "a Southern lifestyle guide for men," at around noon in Atlanta this week, I became a subscriber by 9 p.m. Duh.

Launched by two Atlanta gents in 2008, Bearings celebrates the slightly-rough-around-edges-but-I'll-open-every-door-for-ya-darlin' well-dressed Southern boy we all know and love. The weekly newsletter pops up in your inbox every other Thursday (just enough, yes?) and features a well-editted list of 5 uncluttered elements. Think, DailyCandy--but for a Southern fella.

Whiskey. Photo courtesy of Bearings.

Because I know there are guys that read this blog (and I love your "good post, ash" texts),
I recommend you subscribe.

I was lucky enough to chat with one of the creators, and got a heads up that while Atlanta and Nashville boast personalized city newsletters, more are on the way. Until then, the Southeast version will float ya just fine.

Dove huntin'. But don't say that first word to my dogs. Else they will go absolutely balistic. Photo courtesy of Bearings.

Bring on the button-down-wearing, outdoorsy, dog-lovin', well-mannered, liquor-handling, grill-mastering MAN. And then tell him to read Bearings.

Or, uh, if you're me, just read it anyway.

Blog post title: Yes, that is Alan Jackson. Which is a dang-good concert, for the record.


  1. Looks like fun! I will definitely read it and pass it along!!

  2. We're big fans of Bearings and have been inspired by them in many ways.

    Great post. More folks should know about it.

  3. If you are ever, ever in NYC, lets go shopping together haha.


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