December 14, 2009

On Being a Debutante

2 cousins in gorgeous dresses and bouquets.
1 entire side of our extended family.
18 of my best friends in the world.
1 good band.
1 pretty wonderful hometown.

Yup--safe to say the weekend was literally a whirlwind ball.

Clockwise: The Samford crew, my cousin and I looking at our grandmother's queen portrait, and how gorgeous are my best friends in the world?


  1. I loved deb-ing so much. I'm excited now that I'm married, I have been invited to join Nine O'Clock Cotillion in my hometown, which is sort of a married persons deb.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You ladies look fabuuu!!

  3. Just lovely...I wish I had been a debutant!

  4. Y'all are just the sweetest! I promise Brooke (the smashing Pantene blonde) has a fab camera that we all love ha.

    But thanks :)

  5. You know the HOlidays have started down South when the belle's start to debut.


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